Carnosa leaf 'pitting'?

jlt37869August 22, 2010

A number of leaves on my newer (less than 2 years old) carnosa plants are dimpled or pitted (see link). Any idea what might be causing this? The plants are outside and otherwise appear healthy. Thanks.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Jennifer,
I don't know what's causing it, but I don't think it's anything to be worried about. I often get odd leaves off my carnosa.

Hope that helps, Hilary

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If the leaf had a leathery appearance without the nice shine it has I would think it may be dehydrated. The leaf looks healthy otherwise, anything unusual on the underside?


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I actually have a Hoya chlorantha which I received with some similar leaves (and wondered about at the time)

The pitting is only on 4 or 5 leaves (among the oldest) and all other leaves are completely normal, as you can see here.

Mike, you can see the backs of the leaves of a little better from this angle. They're the same as the fronts.

All I can say is that this plant has grown like crazy for me since arrival this June and evidenced no health problems, so it appears to be a variable that came and went.

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That is strange, maybe cell collapse or insect damage? Are all of the new leaves that have grown since you got the plant unaffected? A severe mite infestation can cause leaf damage like that. If you see new damage wipe a leaf top and bottom with a tissue that is moistened with some rubbing alcohol and check if it comes away clean or not. Mites are a serious pain in the butt but they don't seem to bother much with most Hoyas. If you see small black sliver like insects a couple mm long or small black dots on the leaves there may be thrips which are nasty pests as well.


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That's correct. None of the new leaves have shown any damage. I did give it a neem shower when I first received it, but I didn't spy any visible pests in my exam.

Perhaps you're right and they are old war wounds from an earlier infestation or as you suggest cell collapse from a cold exposure or spray.

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GG's description mirrors my situation, except I didn't "inherit" the leaves ,,, I grew them myself! The older dimpled leaves sprouted in the spring and I noticed the bumpy surfaces immediately, but I didn't notice any problems with insects (or anything else at that time). I ended up with several plants having 1-3 nodes of dimpled leaves, but then all subsequent growth was normal.

A couple of ideas sent to me were: too much salt, feed, water, or "something" in the soil at that stage of growth, or maybe a virus?!?!

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That's very interesting. I didn't make the connection before, but now that you mention it, my affected leaves are also specific to 3 nodes, both leaves on each node. The nodes are on 3 separate vines, so its reasonable for them to have been developing simultaneously.

It certainly does suggest that it was something present during that growth period. So, you were able to see the dimples even as the leaves unfurled, Jennifer?

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Thanks for the responses.

Yes, GG. I saw my "avocado" leaves right away!! Some were slightly discolored/splotchy as well (sort of like your last picture). I segregated the impacted cuttings (so whatever it was wouldn't spread to all my other plants) and then took a wait-n-see approach. I tend to agree with you that it seems to have been a variable that came and went. Go figure!

In your photo I noticed the uber textured leaves on the plant in the background. Did you pair up your chlorantha with that bumpy-leafed plant on purpose? :)

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lol No, Begonia masoniana just happened to be sitting there, near the good light. But I thought the same thing when I was cropping the photos! ^_^ It looks almost like it has the inverse problem.

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