propagating a epiphyte hoya

kateanne(11)August 5, 2013

I walk under a lovely vine every day on my way to work, which I believe is a hoya, it hangs 15-20 feet down from a tree branch. I would like to take a cutting to bring home, but do epiphytes need different rooting requirements?

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Hi KateAnne,

It does look like a Hoya. It looks beautiful hanging from the tree! I root hoya cuttings in like a mixture of cactus soil, perilite, orchid bark. In a 1:1:1 ratio. There is lots of different opinions. But most importantly you need something that drains fast. You would take a cutting, place it in a small pot with drainage (4" usually). Pot it in mixture above. Then I place mine in an aquarium to provide extra humidity. You can also make a mini terrarium. Like with a gallon size Baggie or tea pitcher. I mist the cutting daily until I see
growth. There is alot of topics here on the Hoya forum that will explain things better. Hope to see more of you and your cutting as it grows!

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Thanks! I was worried that this plant won't like rooting in soil because ts not growing in soil naturally. But I will give it a shot :)

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Well Im guessing someone had a pot of it growing. Maybe they moved and took the pot but left many of it growing in the tree. They of course grow natually like this in many countries. But many of us grow them in pots inside and outside. Once you get a cutting, post a close up of the leaf and we can probably tell you which one it is. It is hard to tell from the photo.

I forgot to ask, does anyone live near this tree? Best of luck!


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Many Hoyas are epiphytic (or semi-epiphytic) plants, so if given a chance to get up into a tree they go for it. I usually put cuttings in a ziplock bag and regularly wash them and change the air in the bag. When they produce roots I pot them up.

This tree became a cosy home to a lot of Hoya.

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Tropic Breezent,

I would love to live there! That tree looks beautiful with all the plants hanging down. Here it freezes everything during the winter! My dream is to one day travel to Australia! My husband went once but I was pregnant and was afraid to go for a month while pregnant! Maybe one day....

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Thats a great tree! Ours aren't quite so covered, but have a variety of plants, with split leaf and large leaf philedendrons climing up, various orchids clinging to the trunks, plumes of staghorn ferns on the branches and the occasional hoya dangling down. I asked the grounds keeper and to his knowledge no one intentionally cultivated any of it, they just try and keep the 'jungle' out of the parking lots and buildings!
So you don't use any medium just a bag? do you remove the leaves or tent the bag?

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Teisa, well worth a visit (my unbiased opinion of course, LOL). It's a big country with a lot of variation across it. But if you want to see the most spectacular natural display of Hoya on the planet (australis ssp rupicola) let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

Kateanne, I don't know the background to this tree but I suspect it had some helpers somewhere along the way. I don't put any medium in the bags and make sure they're "inflated" before sealing the ziplock bag. Gives the leaves a bit of room without being stuck against the plastic. Every several days I wash/flush them which also allows a change of air. It's worked well, except once with a sussuela, which rotted for some reason.

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