h. Wolverine - Benedict Medal

bkay2000(8a TX)May 13, 2014

I see that Wolverine was nominated for the Benedict Medal. I've seen some nice specimens locally. It didn't impress me with it's looks, however. From the hosta library, It seems that it's appearance might change significantly as it matures.

Do the leaves stay strap like, or do they round out?

Would anyone here recommend it?

Can anyone show a photo of a mature one?


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I wouldn't call my mature as it is only in the second year in the picture but I did a head count and there are 29 plus pips coming out this year so has had a major jump and could be wonderful! It is in some afternoon sun and still did okay

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Babka NorCal 9b

Wolverine in often compared to Lakeside Dragonfly. I've had this one (ordered directly from Mary) since 2001.

The leaves remain long and narrow. I love it.


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Bakka, I like that!

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

My Wolverine is looking better this year than it has all the years I've had it. New state and totally different soil did wonders for it. And no tree roots.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

That Dragonfly is impressive. Thanks, Babka and Karen.

That's a nicely grown plant, Almost. It's pretty, but maybe not for me.

Calloway's has some 2 gallon Wolverines. One didn't jump in my cart, so I guess I should pass. I'm giving away my unfavorites already. Probably not a good idea to buy one that is not a favorite to start with.

I'm working on improving my lot of 70 hosta, so buying one like that won't help.


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Ludi _PA_7a

Hi Bkay,

I must confess, I bought my Wolverine all the way back in 2012 when I started down this crazy hosta road. It was one of my first five, so I knew nothing of what I know now.

Initially, I put it in my cart because it 'looked different' from all the others placed around it at the garden center. So it ‘stood out’, I guess you could say.

Then once I got it home, after a couple weeks, I had decided that I didn't really much care for it. Chalked it up as an impulse buy and went about my business. Don’t ask me why, it just wasn’t grabbing my eye. I even ran a list in my head of who I might 'pass' it off to. :p

However, that all changed last year. I don't know if it was because it put on some decent size, or the leaves were starting to show some character, but after the colors hardened off, and it set itself into place, I was WOW'd !!!

I remember spotting it one day on my walk, thinking . . . which one is that ? It's gorgeous !!! Only to read 'Wolverine' on the tag. I felt like I was looking at the plant for the first time, True Story.

It landed a spot on the front porch right then and there. :)

It has a wonderfully consistent shape that holds throughout the season. Reminds me of a little fountain, but I am also largely biased to cascading types of hosta.

But the colors are also charming once they harden off. It is very pale in the spring when it first emerges, but slowly the yellow-ish edge brightens until it is almost white. So I guess, it is actually 'fading' to white, but it doesn’t seem that way in person. It seems to 'brighten' as the days grow longer.

There are some days where I look at it and it appears blue-ish. Then other times it appears to be a deep forest green. Not quite green, not quite gray, and not quite blue. Delightful !

The leaves, in my experience, have shown no sign of rounding off, and if anything are becoming more pronounced as it matures. I would think, rounded leaves might indicate a more immature plant. There is also a touch of rippling along the edge, enough to give it a mild cupping, but it's variable.

And I still haven’t mentioned it is a sturdy plant ! It's given me no fuss at all, and only puts on more eyes each year. The leaves aren't per say 'thick', but for the size of the plant they hold up nicely.

If I did have to find a complaint, it would be that it is one of my first 15 to rise, so I am careful to make sure it doesn’t get Freezerburnt.

While it may not WOW you from the start, I would still encourage you to try one. It has been a most pleasing hosta to grow and I would recommend it as one of my top 20 to any enthusiast.

Consistency, Vigor, Form, and Color . . . can't ask for much more.

But no dissertation is complete without . . . VISUAL AIDS !!!

Here he was last year in 2013

And again this year, still not quite fully unfurled.

Here’s the little charmer again to give you some proportion and perspective.

Look at him sit'n pretty, he knows he's a stud. :p

EDIT: Added more adjectives to better describe my affinity for this plant.

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Got mine as a gift plant from Hallson Gardens late 2012, I must admit, it HAS grown on me as well.

Tough as a Las Vegas steak, too.

Don B.

EDIT: Just my two cents, BKay. If you're not feelin' it, just keep looking for the 'Manhattan' you REALLY want. : )

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

Ludisia, seeing your pics makes me want to put some hostas in pots on my porch! Very pleasing.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I'm going to order Manhattan. I'm not going to get that one locally. On second thought, I'll call around and see if anyone has it. It's not likely, though,

I have an u. albomarginata that I would trade for a Wolverine. I also still have 2 Frances Williams, too. I could let go of both of those without missing them.

I'd kind of like to hold on to a Wide Brim to maturity. (I gave away the Wide Brim with the narrowest edge last weekend.) They grow well here. I've had several. I gave one away. Cleo got one. Two had nematodes. I bought another one or two. They are always available here, so I guess I don't value them. But, the photos of the mature ones are a knock out.

I think I'll go get a Wolverine before it's gone. It beats a u. Albomarginata.


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BK You are so brave to give away hosta. They are just like family pets, once they are here they stay for life! Bad enough that the kids grow up and move away from home!

Ludisia, You make an excellent sales person and if you sold lakeshore property in a desert , I would buy it. So descriptive information and rightly so.

Love the use of the pots on the step with fern and hosta to welcome you home

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I found an older pic of this hosta. I had to move it a few years ago and divided it, so it is getting back its size. I would take a current pic but it is pouring here today. I think we have had three or 4 inches the last couple of days. Of course on my day off, it is miserable. I am forced to stay inside and do housework. Or play on the computer :-)

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Isn't that how it goes, flowerchild? Get a day off and it rains. Does that to me quite often, it seems. Anyway, here's my Wolverine, still stretching out its leaves. I hadn't been too impressed with it until this year. It must like its new home.


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In Ohio we are Buckeye fans, and Michigan Wolverines are our arch rival. My DH told me I could not have a Wolverine! LIttle does he know it is hiding in the garden. Many in Ohio call them Buckeye Bait!

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Funny thing, I lived in Ohio for a few years and 'Wolverine' didn't do much there, but now that it's in Michigan it's doing much better. I know it's not because of the state, most likely it's the different soil and no root competition, but I thought it a bit amusing.


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Ludi _PA_7a

I’m glad to hear you’re giving him a chance, Bkay !!! In the event you are not pleased, I know a lovely garden in Philly that would be happy to take him on. :p

No, I did NOT bait you, promise. ♥

Faye - I’m laughing as I could never imagine myself in a sales position. I’m too dramatic and can never get to the point. :p

But I meant everything I typed above. I really enjoy this hosta. Best impulse buy so far, next to Cascades.

Lavendar - As I’m sure you’ve gathered, there are a lot of pot heads among us here on the forums. I mostly have intentions of getting all mine into the ground someday, but until then, they look smashing in a fancy urn or ceramic pot.

Glad I could inspire you. :)


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bragu_DSM 5


just tell him it is your x-men tribute hosta ...

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This is from last year.
I think you would like it!!

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