canning anaheim peppers what happened!!!??

gourd_girlOctober 20, 2005

I sure got a bumper crop of anaheims this year. I have three 20 gal tubs full. I thought I would try canning them. I roasted and removed the skins. All was going very well. I filled up my first batch of jars and put them in the canner at 10lbs for 35 min. When I removed the lid all of my juice has sucked out of my jars and into the water. My jars seem to be sealed but I don't trust it because there is very little liquid left in them. I opened a jar and the peppers are all mushy. What did I do wrong? Would I be better off to freeze them? I gotta hurry and do something.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I freeze mine.....too easy!
I use small tupperware containers or ice cube trays. After they're frozen, you can pop them out and store in a ziploc bag. Take out what you need for a recipe.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Peppers do turn to mush if pressure canned. 35 minutes will turn them into total mush. Freezing is OK, or a pickling instead. The use of a vinegar brine can offer you the option of a very short processing time, and it doesn't even have to be in a presure canner.

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

They are safe if you pressure canned them and they are sealed. They lose liquid if you didn't leave enough headspace or it can be due to fluctuation in pressure. Too quick of a rise or lowering can cause loss of liquid.
Freezing in ziplocs works well.
They will be soft if you can them.

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leesa_b(zn 5 NE)

I have canned many many jars of roasted anaheims. Yes they get mushy but that is how they are when you buy a can of green chiles in the store. They are the same thing. I use them in casseroles and our famous turkey tacos as well as my enchilada sauce. If you were wanting to use them for chile rellano (sp?) you will have a hard time with these. I recommend a chile rellano casserole instead. All the flavor, lots less work!


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pony65(Zone 5)

I've pressure canned, I've pickled, I've frozen, but the best way for me (by far) is dehydrating. Quality is good and storage is a snap.

Of course, I've been accused of trying to dehydrate anything that isn't nailed down... Not true, not true at all...

Here, Kitty, Kitty... wanna see the nice dehydrator trays?


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Thanks for all the replies. Guess I will be home tonight roasting and freezing peppers. Sounds like a better deal to me than all the canning. Thanks again.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Just went out and picked all the rest of my peppers, two bushles. A mix of sweet cherry, bell, pimento, and pepperoncini. Some should ripen indoors and turn red, especailly the pimentos and bells. These get roasted on my BBQ grill right on the heat bars. They get roasted with some whole, unpeeled onions, and whole garlic. All this gets peeled and pureed with some red balsamic vinegar. I add a little seasoning like rosemary and oregano. It makes for a really tasty red pepper spread. Second batch coming soon.

Speaking of garlic, I had missed a few bulbs when I harvested last years plantings this summer. I just dug up the missed ones, as they were sprouting greens. I replanted these in a new area and hope they survive the coming winter. I wasn't planning on growing garlic this coming season, so these are a surpise crop that should hopefully grow well for next summer. I did have one VERY UNUSUAL garlic bulb that failed to form cloves. It was solid all around and there was no seperate cloves that I could see. It was really odd and had a shape just like all the others, but once peeled it had only a single outer skin and no inner skin seperating any part of it. Wonder what kind that was??

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Ken, I don't think that was any kind of garlic other than whatever type you planted, I think you just got a "round". It happens, sometimes, you get one big single garlic "clove" instead of many separate ones.

I usually save the rounds for planting next year, but they can be used just like the regular heads.


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I have Anaheims/jalepenos/anchos and yellow banana chilies. I am planning to bar-b-que them using natural mesquite charcoal and putting them between hot wet towels until they are cool - they are really easy to peel that way. I was planning to can them but I can't seem to find a recipe. I did find one for roasted red peppers - it calls for a brine made of 1 cup water/1 Tablespoon kosher salt and 1/2 teaspoon citic acid monohydrate-- I am not sure what this last ingredient is but it sound scary! Is there a substitute or should I just stick to freezing. Thanks!!
(PS - my link is not related to my question - I am searching for my birthbrother - please give it a look and pass it along to as many people as you can - he has to be out there somewhere - thanks very much!!!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Susie's Search

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