Photographing Hummers

TexPhotoApril 10, 2013

We have several species of hummers already this year. They showed up about three weeks. We have three feeders out, which of course the most dominate one has claimed. Also have flowers blooming around the yard which they visit regularly. I have been photographing these beautiful little guys for several years, but have always been at or near an artificial feeder. This year I decided to do something a little more challenging by capturing them in a more natural feeding situation. This is much more never know which flower they will feed at. I spent two hours yesterday morning and only managed to capture one decent photo. I should ad that I shoot from a tripod, with a remote trigger, focused on a single flower in anticipation that one of the little guys will feed on that bloom.
I would love to locate some local (Austin, Texas) area private gardens with more flora and bigger populations of hummers that would allow me to come and shoot.

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Beautiful shot! Is that Hesperaloe parviflora? I have found this plant very easy from seed but it seems to suffer during the winter unless it's in a very well drained soil.


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Yes it is.

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mbrowne(9b Central CA)

Nice shot. Going hand-held might give better results, with some practice. Depending on how often you get hummers drop by, it might be worth it to have a seat in a spot with a good angle on the flowers and close enough to get good shots. They'll soon desensitize to your presence. They're quick, but it's doable.

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