I have a Humming bird that's claimed my feeder

barbzeeeApril 6, 2012

It's been a while since I've posted but those that might remember me..Hey there ! Anyway..getting on topic here I have the neatest Hummer that's claimed my feeder..It comes in the evening (morning too) and stays on the feeder till dark..chases the other hummers away..some may get a drink but this one nestles in and ducks and waits for the attacks and then comes back and gets cozy..It's stayed every night for a week..almost 2 hours..Un real this is a first for me..Has anyone had this experience >?...I am anxious to hear from ya all..

I'm so hooked on this little one..I feel like I'm the MOther Hen...LOL... Hope you all have a wonderful Easter too and good to be back on line again..

God Bless

BarbZeee (wintering in Florida and go home to Pa in June)

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Hey BarbZeee!! Where ya been? It's been 2 or 3 years since you posted here. Glad to have you back!!

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Hi BarbZeee

Nice to hear from you again and that have a resident hummer. Still waiting here.

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OH my goodness has it been that long ????? I'm sure tickled pink to be back..and Yes Steve, that Hummer has moved in..He sits on that perch and dares anyone to hit that feeder...I can't believe it he's here now..and will be till it gets dark..wonder if I can claim him on my taxes LOL....

I've never seen this happen. Have any of you ? Gosh I know now I fall under that..If it can happen it happens to me..better change my name to "Murphy"...hahaha

God Bless...and Happy Easter/Passover Making sure I'm politically correct...anything else just let me know :)

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Well my resident Hummer is still with me.. He comes at day break for about an hour then goes..and in the evening he's at the feeder at around 7pm...I'm telling ya I've never seen this before..He settles down on the rim of the feeder like the perch and rests..chases those who think they may have a sip..and I've even watched him stretch his wings..just awesome..This is a first for me and it's really neat... Guess he likes my brew and my area..cause it's peaceful..oh the other night I was out there near the feeder and he even buzzed me.. hahaha...What a guy :)

God Bless

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Im so glad to hear that your hummer is staying with you and has claimed your place as his, lucky you Im quite envious as I havent had my first as yet here in central indy. According to the hummingbird map they are all over the state just not here.

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You could try putting up another feeder just out of site for the other birds. Let him claim that one and everyone else will go to the other one!!! Jealous here, still no hummers, but my feeders are clean and fresh and ready!!! Christy :)

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Well my Resident has moved in...but we right now have had some chilly mornings..wonder if he'll stay... ?

I have noticed from other areas that have posted about hummers they have more than one that can feed at a feeder...sure wish they'd get along here...guess it's like people..not too many get along in the neighborhood...LOL.

Christy sorry to hear you haven't seen any yet...

Hummer Steve..I'll make sure I spread the word to those daring critters...You've got good juice :)

If we have more cold mornings our hummers might pack it up

Have a good evening everyone God Bless !


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