New Hoyas

cyclonenatAugust 30, 2011

I just got my new hoyas they were $8.80 NZ each i got linearis powderpuff(which is a australis hybrid) and crinkle curl which is quite small, but the linearis has flower buds on it yay (they are still small). Do you have any advice on linearis? sorry i cant take any photos because my camera died.

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Sorry cyclonenat there is no hoya called linearis powderpuff.This must be a made up name by the seller.You will need to google linears and australis to see which you might have.


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sorry powder puff is supposedly a variation of australis, my linearis is light green colour with long leaves, sorry for the misunderstanding

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Linearis and australis are about as far apart in appearance as two plants can get. Maybe you could give us a link to the photo you bought it from, like on a website or auction site?

Denise in Omaha

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Are you saying you got 2 hoyas?Still no powder puff australis.This a problem when sellers make up names to try to sell plants.
I cant help with how to grow Linearis as I don't have this one yet.I am the experts will come along soon.


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If you think it's difficult for making up common names, think about all the confusion when someone calls something with a scientific name that there ain't no such thing and then people name it and it is propagated and name propagated and so on.

names should not just be handed out like a bumper sticker. A name is important to label and re-identify a plant.

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yes i got three
a hybrid of australis
compacta and
a plant of linearis,
i wont be able to put a photo up yet because my camera isnt working sorry

the australis hybrid looks like a cross between obovata and australis maybe?

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