Does this sound like H. longifolia ?

phfurballs(5b)August 18, 2014

I will try to get pics, but meantime, this newly acquired plant has very distinctive leaves. I'm wondering if it's H. longifolia, if I have that name right ?

Long, sharply pointed, very narrow leaves are quite a dark green, deeply Vee'd down the centres, with edging all around in a shade of maroon so dark it looks chocolate or even black. They're rather Goth looking, if that's not too fanciful a description ?

The longest leaf pairs are close to six inches long. A very few have slight reddish shading on them, from sun I'd guess, and in width, less than a half inch wide on each side of the centre Vee at most.

Virtually every node has short, skinny, greyish colour adventitious roots sprouting from both sides. The new, bare stem ends are the same extremely dark maroon colour as the leaf edges, looking nearly black.

Altogether a very distinguished looking plant even though there isn't a flower to be seen. It will be amazing when it flowers, though heaven knows how long a wait I'll have for that.

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Sounds like wayetti to me. I have trouble keeping track of what's what in the world of narrow, long-leaf Hoyas, so I put together a sheet showing the ones I grow. If you'd like to have it, e-mail me through GW and I'll send it to you.

Denise in Omaha

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Could be longifolia, could be wayetii. Getting a picture will be very helpful.

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