Trying to photograph my hummer

nanaboo(z8BRLA)April 2, 2009

I have 2 suction cup feeders on kitchen windows, and I tried to photograph my hummer today, from inside. He is still pretty frisky, and won't feed very long, about 8 - 10 sips. I went outdoors and waited for a good shot. Again, he did not feed very long, but kept coming back every few minutes. I stood still, like a statue, camera ready. Well, I heard his buzzing sound, and there he was, chasing another hummer away. As I stood very still, they went from feeder to feeder, placed near each other, and even buzzed around my head. I was so fascinated, but I was not able to get a picture. This was awesome!


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Nana, I know exactly how you feel...although I wasn't outside with mine..I was kneeling on the couch and camera in the window... I thought I was never gonna walk again..LOL I waited and then he flew up I clicked and he was gone and so was my camera.. I have the older kind that records on a floppy as it when another one came back I wasn't able to get that one... but I had to wait awhile..(seemed like hours on my knees)..and then I thought ok... I'm gonna put on my wish list a "new" camera one that takes quick shots and also can do I'm not asking for too much.. LOL but I'm wanting to be prepared for next years group... but I'll say this..when ever I put out a clean feeder with a new "batch" they come rushing does seem like the drink a good bit...

God Bless

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Nana, and Barb, I'm also frustrated with photography. I blame it on the camera. LOL Wish I had a nice Nicon like my brother. He won't loan it to me or his boat either!
This picture from last year
would have been nice, if it were in total focus. Sigh!

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Rob, You're good ! I took my shot at it...and I have to tell ya..don't blink your eyes...LOL maybe enhance the photo cause I alreayd put on my Xmas list...Alls I want for Christmas is LOL...

Here was my picture today...

God Bless the little darling...


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My hummer is getting more friendly! I can get up close to the window now, without him flying away. Yes, he is very active between 6:30 - 7:30 pm here. He chases away a friend (don't know if male or female.) I took pictures last night, and the pictures are closer up, and looking better.

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You may want to use a tripod if your camera can be mounted. There are some that are under $25.

I setup my camera on the tripod inside the house this morning. I still have trouble getting blur-free shots of those moving targets, through the window and rain this morning! I even tried the motor drive setting that I use to photograph my greyhound dog when she's playing and still had trouble with the focus! With the low light due to rain, I had to play around with my ISO settings.

Hummingbirds are challenging subjects!

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Part of your problem may be trying to shoot through glass. Your camera, if auto focus, may be focusing on the glass and not the bird. Try manual focus if your camera has that option. Just a suggestion.

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I "second" sandee. If there's the slightest reflection on the glass, your auto focus will pick it up. This photo of a juvie male was taken last Summer through a double-paned window using the manual focus -

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I am grateful to all of you who share your pics and knowledge here! Please keep the information coming.

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ctnchpr, how do you size your photos to fit the forum screen? Mine are always too big. I have photo editing software.

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On your Photobucket home page, there's a box with "Reduce to:" to the left of it. Select the "800 X 600(15" screen)" option. You've probably been using the "1024 X 768(17" screen)" option.

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

Anna's Hummingbirds are always fun to photograph!

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

And hummingbirds' tongues are the best!!!!

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davemidohio(5 OH)

I like to use flash to catch them when they are flying, even in daylight. Minimum shutter speed of 250.

I get all kinds of pics on my feeders because my locals are so used to the big stupid human staring at them. They even ignore my cats that lay on the inside of the window, with a feeder 8 inches away! I'm not sure if she was trying to tell me something or not . . .

I really like trying to catch them on flowers. Each hummer develops a pattern on the way they go around the yard, so I can sometimes get ahead of them and wait.

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