Can canning lids be reused?

Deane-10October 8, 2013

It was interesting to read all the post about this subject. I'm 71 next month and have been canning ever since I was able to help my mother many years ago. We have always reused our canning lids. #1. You have to be careful removing the lid from the canned jar. #2. You have to boil the lids in a shallow pan for 10 minutes just prior to installing lid and ring on jar, then immediately place in caner. If you canning fruits you use a water bath. You place the jars in caner of room temp. water and begin timer after water comes to a boil. There's less chance of jars breaking. If you are canning something that has been heating then you bring the water to just under a boil. The # of times you can reuse the lids depends on condition of the lids. If the rubber seal on the lids is questionable don't use it. That's my two cents.

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Over the years, many people have used and reused things that 'shouldn't' but got by with. I don't like to get it canned and then find that the seal didn't 'seal'.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Over the years, many people have used and reused things that 'shouldn't' but got by with

Well said. People do lots of things they shouldn't do. Sometimes for valid reasons but usually just because they don't know any better. Just because they do them doesn't make it right.

Deana - things change. Canning lids haven't been made from rubber for decades. They are silicone and silicone lids should never be boiled much less for 10 min.

I have a year on you and have been canning just as long but I have discovered over the years that it pays to put some of the old ways aside and learn new methods. Many things have changed since I was learning to can with my grandmother and she would be disappointed in me if I refused to learn new things just because I am now the age she was then. :)


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