Petco Nectar

jay733April 30, 2010

Has anyone had any experiences with the Petco Hummingbird nectar? First time buying it because I'm thinking it doesn't spoil as much as the sugar water or am I wrong about this? How long does this type of nectar last in the fridge and how long outdoors? And do hummingbirds like this nectar or? I know it's not the best for health but after I attract them I will switch them over.

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It doesn't attract them any better than the homemade recipe does, and doesn't last any longer either. It costs more and uses an artificial colorant. I can smell something in the store-bought nectar that smells rotten to me, so I don't like to use it.

I use 1/2 c. sugar to two cups of water and add 1/2 tsp salt for electrolytes and they drink it down to the last drop. I have two feeders in the front yard, one holds a quart, the other holds a pint. Between fillings I take the feeders completely apart and wash every part with soapy water and a bottle brush. Getting out all of the residue and dirt helps to make the nectar stay fresh longer.


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Are you sure about this because I would think if it is sold inside a store, it would have to have a long shelf life to make that product profitable. Hummingbird nectar is not something that flies off the shelves either so that gives it more reason why to make it last longer. By the way I didn't smell anything rotten in the nectar since I bought it either which was about a week ago.

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By the way I just checked the ingredient list on the Petco Nectar and it says it has Benzoate(a preservative) in it.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Yes, it has a preservative in it, though I have my doubts that it would increase the life once is is diluted and put out in the warm weather. Keep an eye for cloudyness and/or mold.

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Flower nectar doesn't contain either Sodium Benzoate or red dye, so can we consider them benign or necessary?

I subscribe to Bird Watchers Digest. In the May/June 2010 issue, there's an article written by a hummingbird rehabilitator in which the possible dangers of red dye in nectar is discussed. Yet, just a few pages inside the front cover, there's a full page ad showing red dyed nectar being used in a Perky-Pet feeder. I sent BWD an email, asking about the ethics of such an arrangement. This is part of the reply that I got from Jim Cirigliano, Managing Editor:

"We are
aware of the red dye in the ads for Perky Pet, but, as the article
points out, there is no solid evidence (at least so far) that the dye
is indeed harmful to hummingbirds. Red dye is certainly not necessary
in a red feeder, nor is it as cost effective as making your own. But
neither do we see nefarious intentions in those companies that sell
it in their nectar mix. Perky Pet's main business is the feeders themselves, which we see as
fine products we are proud to recommend without impinging on our
integrity. The company does offer a nectar mix with no dye, but
clearly their marketing people prefer to show their feeders filled
with the red stuff in their ads--it catches a human reader's eye
better, after all. We have suggested that they depict their feeders
filled with their clear nectar instead, but so far they have not
taken us up on our suggestion, as is their right. But the company
indeed offers a dye-free option."

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