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hummersteveApril 11, 2007

This should bring a smile to all concerned. Huge numbers of incoming rubythroats have been sighted along the southern coastline. So by this info , the many reports so far are just like an advance scouting party,,,,smile.

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This is part of the Journey North website and confirms what hummersteve is talking about. It's a week by week analysis of current weather and how it is expected to affect migration patterns around the country.

Here is a link that might be useful: Journey north--weather and migration patterns

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Thanks for the new link and report. I read the entire report of which I have already heard about but not read. And speaking of weather, last evening we had quite a conglomuration here, first it rained hard all day, then violent winds and tornadoes of which some had briefly touchdown. Then last night and this morning very strong winds prevailed in my area, Im talkings 50-60mph gusts in a continueing manner. The past 24hrs has been a very unstable weather pattern to say the least. Im ready for something better. No wonder Ive seen no hummers here.

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