63 mm narrow mouth jars?

lisapat(8a)October 22, 2013

Someone just donated a pile of old canning supplies to one of my programs. I am sorting through the stuff and found a box of Bernardin "63" narrow mouth lids and rings! They appear to be 63 mm wide as they fall right into the standard 70 mm jars. Anyone heard of this? I've done some reading about old jars but have never seen this size before.

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Those date back to after WWII into the mid 1950's when there was a metal shortage, so they made lids smaller. Bet you could sell them on eBay.

I seem to recall that Bernardin made a limited run of them about 10 or 15 years ago, because a lot of people had the jars but couldn't get lids.

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I have 26 jelly jars that my mom gave me...they have no rings or lids. They are 8 oz quilted and they take the 63mm lids and rings. Do you still have them? I would love to be able to use these little beauties, but since they do not make them anymore, they also do not apparently make the rings or lids....I am desperately looking for some...

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kriswrite(zone 8)

I have one or two of the jars. I've managed to find lids off of commercially canned items that fit them; I use the jars for dry storage. They are kind of a pain, though, due to the narrow mouth.

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