traffic (car/road/street) scare off birds?

vivid_dawnApril 21, 2008

I am new to hummingbird watching. I will have a couple feeders hanging at my patio, but I also wanted to plant some Trumpet vine and Bird of Paradise along the fence. However, the fence is against a street that gets quite a bit of traffic. I wonder if all the cars going by will scare the birds?

I also wanted a windchime at the patio, but figured that noise might scare them. However, upon doing some research, there were several sites that mentioned hummingbirds making nests ON the I guess the noise doesn't bother them that much?

One site did mention that it was recommended to keep the garden in a quiet place, but all other searches have turned up empty. This is the only place the flower bed is at, and I can't dig up anywhere else in the yard to start a new one (I'm renting the property).

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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I have wind chimes hung between my feeders on the eaves on the back of our house and they sit on top of them to guard their feeders. The noise doesn't bother them at all!! (They make enough noise themselves when they start chattering that they probably don't even hear the chimes!) We live far enough from the road that I don't know about traffic and how they feel about it. I would guess if it bothers them, they just won't feed in that area and would stick with places they feel comfortable.

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