Petunias enough?

jay733May 29, 2010

I have a hanging basket about a foot diameter with red putunias about a foot high and same in length as basket, hanging. Also next to it, in my garden bed I have a 2 foot firecracker plant in the ground, only a foot in length. Will this be enough for a hummingbird to stay satiated through out the summer or will I need a feeder?

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It might be enough to attract a hummer but not enough to keep any. I would most certainly add a feeder. Either 4 parts water to 1 part sugar or 3-1 either will be ok.

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I have never used petunias myself but most everyone I have seen who tried it says hummers wont use so a far better bet is a feeder. Get the 16oz first nature feeder cheap and easy to clean and sold at most department stores. Also dont use any red coloring as the red dye is potentially harmfull to hummers and its not needed. As far as plants go salvias such as lady in red and black and blue are very good draws for hummers.

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