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lovemygourdsMay 8, 2007

When I spotted a Baltimore Oriole at my hummingbird feeder, I fashioned a feeder from a gourd to hold a cut orange and a "tray" of grape jelly and put it about 2 feet away from the other feeders. I also have a suet feeder not far from these.

The orieole returned once (yesterday) to the gourd feeder.

This morining during the light rain, I looked out at my feeders and the oriole was on the suet feeder filling up, the hummingbird was feasting on the grape jelly, and a squirrel was tipping the hummingbird feeder! Go figure...

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I've had Baltimore Orioles this year too! They're soooo pretty. Last year I saw one for a week or so and this year I put up an Oriole feeder for them hoping to see one again. I've seen THREE males and at least one female. I've also had an Orchard Oriole coming to the feeder.
I haven't seen any squirrels hittin' the juice yet but do have bees going to it. I've seen the hummingbirds going to my Oriole feeder a couple times but they seem to prefer their own. I haven't seen the Orioles go to the hummingbird feeder at all yet. I think the holes are too small.
I tried putting some jelly out for them but haven't seen them eating it yet. I also stuck some orange slices on the tree branches and have seen the Orchard Oriole going after those.
Someone posted some photos of their Orioles in the Ozarks forum and there was another thread too. What part of Missouri are you in?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ozarks Region Gardening - Baltimore Orioles

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Thanks for the link. I'm in the Joplin area. I have pictures, but can't figure out how to put them on here...

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If you use Photobucket, I can help you, otherwise I'm clueless. A lot of people on Gardenweb use Photobucket (It's free). After you upload your pictures to that site, all you do is copy the "tag" line into your post. Where are your pictures now?

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