PG' s List of EA Hoyas (with Corrected Names)

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)August 10, 2007

Hi Folks == I compiled this list for myself last May, it's comprised of all the EA Hoyas listed at their website, w/ the names THEY use & the names **I believe** are the CORRECT names for them. Hoping others may find this useful:

*EA Names* -------- -------- **CORRECT NAMES**


Fishtail (Polyneura) -------- Polyneura




Rope -------- -------- ------ Compacta

Shamapray/Longifolia -------- Shepardhii ???

Stripes --------------------- Curtisii

Tricolor -------------------- Krimson Queen

Bilobata -------------------- Tsangii aka DS-70

Green Wax Plant (no pic) ---- Carnosa

Linearis -------------------- Linearis

Mini Wax Leaf --------------- Lacunosa

Regalis --------------------- ??

Rubra ----------------------- Krimson Princess

w/ red stems

Shooting Stars -------------- Multiflora

Sulawesi -------------------- Tsangii/DS-40 ??

Variegated Wax Leaf --------- looks like Krimson Princess

they sometimes call

Bella variegated

If this avoids some of the confusion for a new Hoya nut or 2, then it was worthwhile typing up.

(Pirate Girl) Karen

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Well, God bless you P.G.! As a new nut myself, I will keep this list handy. :)

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I will add one to that list - they are selling nummularioides now and I believe they are calling it
"miniature green leaf"

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I have an EA hoya that came labeled sulawesi. It has bloomed, and is definitely incurvula! Maybe they just attach random labels. I wish I could find their multiflora - I bet it's a lot bigger that my little mail order one.

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No, I was wrong - they are calling nummularioides
"Hoya Carnosa Green Leaf" - I had written it down, it just took me a sec to find it. I have a pretty nice size nummularioides, so I didn't buy the EA one, but it seemed just a little different to me than my plant...the vines were softer, more pliant, and just "vinier", whereas my nummularioides is more rigid and bushy, even the new growth. I have small cutting that came from the EA variety, it just recently rooted and is starting to put out new growth, so I will be able to see if there is a difference and what exactly it is.

For anyone that is interested, now is the time of year that the box stores and tropical plant sellers should be getting in lots of houseplants. Just remember to be careful with the watering on the EA plants.

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Thanks Karen..that was super nice of you.
I have also found EA plants now being sold at Armstrong Nurseries around here. I sure wish they would change their potting soil. I find I dont have much trouble here outside with them until wintertime when I bring the plants in and they require less water. Then I tend to kill them with kindness. Ha.

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Marcy that is EXACTLY what happened with me, I had the most beautiful DS 70 and I brought it in at the end of the summer and by Christmas it was dead. This year I am going to water them even less.

They won't change their soil, it is what it is so that it doesn't have to be watered as much, and a big company selling alot of plants can save ALOT of money on things like that.

Hoyasncats, are you sure it isn't brevialata? I don't think they sell incurvula, and the difference is subtle, hard to tell - I believe the leaves are smaller on incurvula, and the flowers are different too.

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Someone told me my EA "sulawesi' was brevialata, but then I was told by a lady who just wrote a Hoya book (wish I'd gotten a copy of it...) that it was, indeed, incurvula. I'd sent her pics of the flowers and she was absolutely sure it was incurvula. So, mine is now marked incurvula...

I use the name tsangii instead of DS-70, kentiana is wayetii - these I'm convinced of by Ted Green. EA's austalis is ssp. tenuipes (at least I haven't seen any other ssp. as yet...) Multiflora should be javanica. The name game is one that will drive you about batty if you think about it too much!

I looked at the one they call "Shamapry" and under botanical name they have longifolia. I'm not sure if this is really longifolia or shepherdii - I grow shepherdii and it seems to hang more down. The one in their pic seems to grow more like wayetii (kentiana) - more bushy, out and uppish. I don't grow longifolia, so I'm not sure what it's growth habit is. I know the leaves on longifolia are supposedly just a bit wider than shepherdii (but narrower than wayetii/kentiana.) Anyone grow both shepherdii and longifolia and can you describe the difference? I put a link to the EA longifolia.

Denise in Omaha

Here is a link that might be useful: EA longifolia

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I don't know what the difference is in the foliage, but the longifolia flowers have no color, all white or shades of white, and shepherdii has the pale pale flowers with the red/dark pink in the centers.

It is so hard to really know when it comes to hoya names, I see you put alot of faith in Ted Green, but I have heard he is as notorious for mislabeling as alot of other growers. A nursery I was just at in Pa gets their plants from him and I think 3 of their hoyas were mislabeled, one of them definately, it was a dischidia. Sometimes it isn't so much mislabeling as it is a difference in opinion...but it all depends on who you believe in, and who knows, maybe they are all wrong!

I don't know if EA sells both incurvula and brevialata, but in the plant files on Daves garden there are pictures of comparison leaves, and the final opinion by mature leaf size and shape was that EA is selling brevialata. I will probably only be definate when I see flowers, and I have never seen mine flower, but I have seen pictures...I'll have to look them up again. But who knows, EA could be selling both of them.

And I will agree about wayetti/ketiana, even if they aren't the same, they may as well be.

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here are a few brevialata/incurvula links - hopefully they work...

My plant seems to have a mix of both types of leaves, but the majority are the rounder leaves, and as they mature, they all become more rounded, not perfectly round, but much more so than in the incurvula pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: hoya incurvula, plant files DG

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2nd Link, from The Hoyan publication.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Hoyan

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Yes, you're right. There are differing opinions and you have to choose who you most trust. Ted was recommended to me as the most accurate when it comes to Dischidias by Tatyana Livshultz, who is the foremost expert on Dischidias. I've been most impressed with his website and knowledge, and he seems to be in agreement (mostly) with Chris Burton, who's another well-known Hoya guru. But there are a lot of disagreements in the Hoya world. Christina in Sweden suggests that incurvula and brevialata are the same species. But the lady who recently wrote a book about Hoyas (I think her name is Ann...) seems to think there are two distinct species and ID'd mine as incurvula by the flowers. Looking at pics, I can't see a difference between the leaves of the two, and leaf size isn't really a good guideline. The Hoyas I've gotten from Hawaii come with larger leaves than what I get when I grow them in my highest light positions. It's that equater sun vs. our weenie midwestern sun that makes the difference, I'm sure. Fertilization also makes a difference in leaf size - how much, how often, etc. Whether you grow your plants "hard" or "soft."

Anyway, it's just too bad that we can't get any of the experts to stick around this forum. I know they've all been here at one time or another and the ones I've had direct contact with seem to disdain GW. I know in kicking these things around that a lot of misinformation gets out there, but I think keeping the lines of communication open is what ultimately leads to finding truth.

To the newbies: just keep reading and learning. You'll hear lots of differing opinions and it may get confusing at times, but in the end, it's about figuring out what works for you. And what name you put on your plant label isn't that important until you're ready to sell or trade.

Denise in Omaha

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I looked at your links, Ines (you were posting while I was posting, so missed it until mine was posted...) and true to form, the experts drive me NUTS!! In the one on DG, Carol points out that the leaf on the left is brevialata (the more oblong leaf) and the one on the right is incurvula (a rounder, maybe a little more succulent leaf.) On the Hoyan link, it's just the opposite! My leaves are for the most part round. I swear they're going to have to call the cookie wagon on me soon!

Denise in Omaha (off to do some relaxing yoga!)

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I know, I saw that too! I will have to see if I can find flower pictures again. I think an "Ann Wayman" or something like that just wrote a hoya book.

Between the growers, and the nurserys that sell their plants, like the one I spoke of above, it wasn't necessarily Ted Green who labeled everything in their nursery, so who knows how things get mixed up. Then you have "regular" people trading or giving away cuttings - there are just too many oppurtunities for things to get messed up.

YOGA!! I love yoga, I was doing it very regularly until this past spring when my bird got sick, then other things got crazy and I stopped, and sometimes it is hard for me to discipline myself to jump back in to things. Since stopping my back has been bothering me, I have gained weight, and in general feel "yucky" But I cannot say enough good things about yoga, both for physical and mental reasons. I never felt so good as when I was doing it and I have to start back up again, maybe today!

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Haha! Thank goodness I'm not that particular about names, or I'd really be tearing my hair out. Mine has both kinds of leaves and, truthfully, I can't tell the difference between the flowers in those pictures. They both look like mine! I'll just refer to mine as "H.incurvula and/or brevialata" until further clarification ;-)

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I agree...looking at Chris Burton's side-by-side pics, mine has both leaves as well! Some are "short and round-ish" like her brevialata pic, and some are "long and egg-shaped" like her incurvula pic. I'm gonna just stick with brevialata for now!

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amany(MI / 6)

Thank you Pirate Girl! What a great thing to do for us.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sure, your welcome everybody; glad it helps. (I hadn't seen this last post.)

May I add 2 things? Pls. continue contributing additions as you have been when you've seen 'em.

Pls. note my typo on the list towards the bottom, the 2nd instance of "DS". Is is 70? I think so, anyway I meant same as mentioned further up (that darn Sulawesi/Bilibata confusion).

I almost wish we could all show up at EA headquarters as a group & tell them in person how crazy they make us w/ their consistently wrong & reckles IDs (frankly, why bother w/ a tag at all?)

Anybody want to start a petition? I'm newly out of work now, that needs to be my focus; anybody care to try a petition & or start one pls., if you all think it's worth a shot?)

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I'd sign it. :-)

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shanna5(Zone 6, Missouri)

Pirate girl,
Thank you for the list it helped a lot.

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Tsangii is DS-70. To cut a long story short, Chris Burton published the name tsangii and then decided she was wrong, by which stage the name had gone into common usage. I was talking to someone the other day and he asked me if I had tsangii - but the way you say it, sssangyii, made me say "no" until I figured what he meant!!!

Mine is finally growing, after sitting for a long while doing nothing. Don't know what it is about some of my cuttings, maybe they just have to get used to no longer being in a nice greenhouse any more!

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I can' grow tsangii/DS 70 from cuttings, they ALWAYS eventually die on me, no matter what. And I am on my second big plant, it is about to bloom any day now...I killed a huge one last winter, low light/too much already had issues when I got it, had been way overwatered by HD, like most of the EA plants.

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shanna5(Zone 6, Missouri)

Tsangii has such pretty blooms i would like to get one. Sometimes I feel so bad for the plants at lowes b/c I have seen so many just sitting in water and know they are going to die, makes me want to buy them just so they won't die. Pretty bad huh?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I recently got a 3rd pot of this (Tsangi, DS-70), not formally IDed but that's what it is. Bloom will tell, but I find this one kind of easy, I either water or soil root them & give 'em pretty good bright indrect, they do fine, little fuss.

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Ok, I'm just bumping this thread incase any of the newer members would like to go hunting. I figured it would be easier than trying to search for it.
Have fun!!!!

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I recently acquired a new EA from Lowe's that was marked Sulawesi. I did my homework and decided it was an incurvula after looking at the comparison pics at DG. Now I find the link to The Hoyan and the choices are opposite DG. Someone tell me which is which. My leaves are definitely the small round ones not the longer oval ones.
Thanks for the incurvula v. brevialata insight...

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I got an EA as sulawesi, too, long ago and I've got it tagged "incurvula or brevialata". I think they're so similar that it could go either way. As I recall (from photos), even the flowers are very similar. And I think the "round vs. oval" has little to do with which it is because when mine was getting more sun, the leaves were mostly round, and now that I have it in a lower-light spot (a west window w/a close neighbor, no direct sun at all), the leaves are more oval... I think that the consensus is that the EA one is brevialata...

Here's mine...

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks Denise,
Ours do look similar. I am going to try to get a pic and post it.
Thanks again,

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

First ... PG... thanks for the list and ... to everyone who posted above me... thanks for so much hard work!.. Now I have to get to a Lowe's... (or again to my local HD) and see what else I can come up with... hopefully one of the ones mentioned above.. just to see what happens. this thread gets your heart pumping... Eileen

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I don't know if someone posted it before. There is a hoya regalis on the list.
Is it not the H. compacta 'regalis', the proper name for margin variegated one

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And one more thing. You were talking about tsangii and ds70. As far as I knew so far those are 2 different hoyas.
tsangii / angustifolia/ lucyae/ odetteae
ds-70 used to be called tsangii

corect me if i'm wrong

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You guys are driving me CRAZY! I can't find EA's anywhere around here anymore. Target was the only place I could actually find the more "exotic" ones, and they close down their garden center this year.
At Target I was able to find:
Hoya Mini Waxleaf(Hoya Bella
Hoya Rope
Hoya Australis
Hoya Green Leaf (hoya Carnosa)
Hoya Bilobata
Hoya Sulawesii
Hoya Snow Caps ( Lucanosa Alba)
Hoya Stripes ( carnosa variegata)
Hoya Fishtail
Hoya Curtisi
Hoya Krinkle #8
Hoya D-s 70
I've searched Lowe's and HD but all they have are Carnosa.
I'm looking to add some different one to my "collection",but can't find any. I really NEED, Obovata,Cumingiana,Finlasoni....just to name a few wants...
Pirate girl, thanks for posting corrections on EA labels....does drive you crazy when you think you have a hoya you need Ha Ha and find out it's some other random hoya....but it's still a hoya..Guess I'll have to wait till next year to add some new ones to my collection.
alba in Hawthorne

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Yes, regalis is compacta 'Regalis'. And tsangii is a different species from DS-70. We used to call DS-70 tsangii, and I resisted the new DS-70 tag for a long time because... well, it's boring! I'm hoping to someday have the true tsangii in my collection.

Denise in Omaha

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I have 2 diferent ds70. the ral tsangii does not move me one bit to be fair :)

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Denise... Last night, Sept 9, I bought a new hoya at HD.. tag said "Brevialta" which I assume for them (EA) is a misprint? But looking at the leaves you picture above, it looks the same as what you are referring to as 'Brevialata'... the leaves are sooooo velvety soft!... lovely to the touch... of course... no flowers yet!... So I'm asking here, b/c I'm new at all this: I assume the name 'Incurvula' is the same as the 'Brevialata'??? I so try to understand the conflicting names etc!

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People just love to make up new names for old stuff that nobody wants to buy any more. Seems like we're all fooled by this unbaited hook. To know the names (correct names) of the hoyas are a sure fire way of knowing a fraud from the real deal.

Post a photo.

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

RFG... Once I get settled into my apt, I hope to take pictures of my new and growing collection, and will share them here!... and then... will be able to hopefully, get them all straight! Thanks Eileen

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Ament(5a SD)

I took pictures of mine, I just have to recharge the camera to get the pictures uploaded to share them. :)


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If your plant is fuzzy to the touch than you probably have a DS-70, which I agree is a very adorable plant.

I am attaching the following link in which Mike and VA-David collaborate in clarifying the differences between these species.

Here is a link that might be useful: DS-70 vs brevialata vs incurvula

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Eek. Sorry about that, I was thinking I'd read you saying bilobata. Both brevialata and DS-70 are fuzzy, but that link is still helpful in distinguishing between them. Hope I didn't add confusion. ^_^'''

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I found these pictures that were posted by Carol Hawaii a few years ago. This may help to see the differences between the two plants.
This is a photo of the top brevialata on left, incurvula on the right.

brevialata on the left, incurvula on the right

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Ohh my.... what means EA???

Mitzi from Brazil

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/Mitzi. EA = Exotic Angel, a brand name associated with the nursery that produces most of the Hoyas that are available in the big box stores here.

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Thank you!


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Ima...sorry, but that is definitely NOT H. incurvula. Carol is totally wrong if she ID'd that leaf as being H. incurvula...please see Mike's link of Chris Burton's description of H. incurvula. H. incurvula's leaves are more than twice the length of the leaf that you pictured and are very oblong. The leaf you pictured as H. incurvula looks like DS-70 to me. Fondly, Patrick

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Yes, I know Patrick. I've read Mike's post and also Mike/RFG. I've deleted the pictures from my computer. No sense in keeping something that is not correct. I wish we could delete posts here. In the beginning when I first started collecting, I thought she knew 'everything', but that is not so. I keep learning every day.

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Ah one knows "everything"...least of all, me!! Besides, we do this for sense in taking everything so seriously...that can only detract from the fun!! Best wishes! Patrick

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Patrick, I try to be serious when I post information. I would hope it's correct. I feel bad when I give someone bad info. It ends up to be mind-boggling to me. I know there is so much confusion in naming them, as I have bought a few that were sold as one thing and then I ended up having, sometimes, two or more of the same one. I then pot them up together. Then down the road, I discover that they are not the same. When that happens I just leave them alone, take out the name tag, and note it in my database what it was sold as.

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