Hummer and A Half

susanlynne48(OKC7a)May 19, 2010

Day before yesterday, I was sitting outside looking at my poor, damaged garden, feeling somewhat depressed at all the havoc played by the golf ball to baseball size hail we got Sunday night. Had been putting up feeders since April, but no hummers to date, when up flew a gorgeous little female Ruby Throat. She looked at the feeder, but bypassed it for the remaining few blooms on the honeysuckle flava. Don't blame her, I had been lax about filling them with fresh nectar, having not seen any. I just thought it would be another year that I would not see any until late July or August.

I immediately went inside to make fresh sugar water, but waited until yesterday morning to clean and refill the feeders.

It wasn't long before she appeared and was happily sipping the fresh nectar! It lifted my spirits with renewed hope that everything was going to work out fine.

A bit later, one of my favorite hummingbird moths appeared to nectar on the banana in the suet feeder. A beautiful little Nessus sphinx. These are just a bit larger than the Snowberry Clearwings, reddish-brown in color, with two vivid yellow stripes around the lower abdomen. They always love the bananas as much as the butterflies.

So, two harbingers of hope appeared suddenly, without expectation, and now I can rest assured that all is right with the world, despite my garden, which will recover in due time.

Mother Nature can be cruel, but she can also be astute.


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Beautifully written, Susan! And yes, things will get better.

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

I am so sorry to hear about your storm damage. Good grief, hail that size would certainly beat anything to death. I hope your home wasn't damaged too. Mother Nature is amazing and I am always in awe of how everything can come back so strong. I hope your garden will rejuvenate itself and you!

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A good post Susan.
Sorry about your storms, but I'm in Tx and know your pain. You guys in OK have had more than your share of storms this year.
It's Kansas(not tx) turn next. LOL
Good luck with your hummers.

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