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rthummerMay 28, 2009

Hi all. (:-) I had recently read in one of gw forums about honeysuckle vines and I have lost that information some way some how. What I am wanting is a everyblooming honeysuckle vine, fairly hardy, that hummingbirds love. I am trying to hide an ugly bank near the woods where I live. There is some wild honeysuckle that grows there now. That is how I got the idea of putting the everyblooming honeysuckle there. Should I take out the wild honeysuckle? Do the hummingbirds like the wild honeysuckle as well? I am really wanting something that blooms from spring to fall. My zone is 7. Your knowledge will be most helpful. Thanks so much.(:-)

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

when you say 'wild honeysuckle' are you referring to the one with white/yellowish flowers? If so that is invasive Japanese honeysuckle. Our native honeysuckle is coral honeysuckle (Lornicera sempervirens). It is extremly hardy (zone 4 or 5) and it will bloom continuously if the spent blooms are pinched back and it gets enough sunlight. Hummers use it all summer long.


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Echo Penny, but check how much sun the area in question gets...Japanese honeysuckle can grow well and even bloom in part shade--unfortunately--whereas coral honeysuckle has more trouble with shade and is susceptible to aphids and powdery mildew if it doesn't get enough sun. That's not to say you shouldn't still take out the Japanese's an invasive monster that will carpet your woods and strangle your trees. But for the bloom period you want, you'll want to give the native honeysuckles full sun.

Goldflame honeysuckle (lonicera x heckrottii) is my personal favorite (and my hummers!). Blooms from early spring to frost with little to no care, and has a nice fragrance (which the coral honeysuckle lacks).

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I can echo the above , but beware the invasive japanese honeysuckle as it will take over and by the time you decide you dont want it anymore,, well good luck . You might as well get a bulldozer or some dynamite, or a good supply of C-4. I had to remove some from my mothers place and its root system underground is unbelievable and almost unremoveable. Everytime I thought I got it all I found more.

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I have Coral honeysuckle in a large container. My first year with it. It's been blooming since March, and seems rugged, thriving in my high 80's and low 90's high temps here. Unfortunately, there's no fragrance, but it's a hummer magnet.
Good luck with your hummer season.

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I forgot to mention. My Coral honeysuckle gets AM sun only and is in shade the rest of the day. The half a day shade is not a problem for it so far.

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Thanks for all who responded. I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you all. I thought I had checked the box where I would receive an e-mail when I received a reply. Apparently I did not so I haven't check into this forum.

Bad news..I think we have that Japanese honeysuckle. I live in zone 7. Oh boy...we were letting it grow on a bank because it was helping it not wash away, now we have a mess. My husband decided to start taking it out and he got into some posion ivy too. Then he got it on me, or I got into it somehow also. We are both covered with it but finally went to dr. Yes, that wild or Japanese honeysuckle is a MESS.

I bought some Goldflame honeysuckle and planted it another place. (full hot sun) Then I also planted ALOT of this...
John Clayton honeysuckle, (full hot sun). It has the yellow tublar flowers. The hummingbirds are suppose to like them. I ordered this when I thought no one had answered my post:(, so I hope it does well. It is suppose to have fruit in fall and winter so my winter birds will have some "candy" as well.
Have any of you planted John Clayton Honeysuckle?

Thanks sooo much for the help. I will show this to my husband, and I guess we will just have to work harder to get that japanese honeysuckle out. ack:(

Here is a link that might be useful: john clayton honeysuckle

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Sorry to hear about the PI...we have all been there, unfortunately. Getting rid of it and the Japanese honeysuckle will be a battle--good luck to you. It is a battle well worth fighting for you and the hummers!

Both Goldflame and the John Clayton are excellent choices and will have good hummer use. To mix the palate up, consider one of the red sempervirens...'Major Wheeler' or 'Alabama Crimson'.

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Mbuckmaster, thanks so much..I will try those honeysuckles next year.(I have spent soooo much this year, LOL) I will remember because I am going to clip this thread and place it in my clippings on this website. Love this GW. I have learned so much in this one thread.
Thanks a ton everyone!

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susan82(So. CA)

It may be after the fact, but in case it is helpful to you and others, I have both Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomaria Capensis) and Coral Honeysuckle 'Magnifica' (Lonicera Sempervirens). I am growing them both in separate places along a long wall. Both are beautiful and hummer magnets. I have seen the Cape Honeysuckle growing along the hillside nearby in Mission Viejo, and it is stunning. Best of luck! ~Susan

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