Egg explosion! What happened?

2ajsmamaOctober 14, 2011

A little OT, maybe I should post on Cooking, but just wondering what happened. I was making a cake according to a recipe I've used b4, calls for 1/4C lemon juice plus enough water to make 2/3C, then 4 eggs. I always mix/scramble my eggs (with water and/or oil) in a Tupperware shaker with a pour spout. I used 2 older store-bought eggs, and 2 fresh (2-day old) "homegrown" eggs. I was holding onto the lid of the pour spout since sometimes that will pop open, but the whole dome lid loosened! Thank goodness I had a good grip on the container, so didn't drop it, but I still had lemony watery egg all over the floor, my arm, and my hair. And yes, I had egg on my face ;-)

So was it the old eggs (still good, I check each egg by breaking it into a small bowl first), the fresh eggs, or some reaction b/t the lemon juice and eggs? Like I said, I've make this recipe b4 and never had a problem - but this is the first time using such fresh eggs. Just wondering...

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OK, I looked it up in On Food and Cooking, acid will stabilize an egg white foam (why you add cream of tartar), BUT here's what I don't get - the fat in the yolks counteract that, and there's no mention of acid + albumen producing gas, so still not sure why the lid just popped right off (explosively). Plus there wasn't a lot of foam (in the container or on the floor). But the last ime I may have also added the oil to the shaker before closing it and shaking, that would have reduced the volume too.

Sounds like we need to do some volcano experiments for Halloween! Using just the whites and lemon juice, see if there's a visible reaction when stirred gently vs shaken or beaten...

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

You'll have to try it again, see if you can make it repeat :)

I've had the top push off that same T. shaker putting hot broth in with flour and trying to shake, not letting the broth cool before trying to make a thickener for stews etc.

Let my oven cool enough checking on a big roast that baked potatoes exploded in the oven when I closed the door and the element came back on again....

But never eggs and lemon, that was a new one to me.

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