Ball canning supply clearance at Lowe's

gardengineer(z5 Kansas City)October 20, 2010

Lowe's is clearing out all their Ball canning supplies.

Regular lids 65 cents.

Wide mouth lids 70 cents.

Fruit pectin 99 cents.

Boxes of bands, regular and wide mouth as well.

Canning kits (funnel, lid wand, etc.) Amounts and availability seem to vary by store in the Kansas City area, but they are good about checking the computer and finding out what is available at other locations.

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jill2761(Southeast Texas)

Thanks for the post. I recently bought some lids at Lowes because they were cheaper than my usual source. I hotfooted over there this morning and stocked up. I wasn't lucky enough to find everything as cheap as your Lowes, but it was still a bargain.

Regular mouth lids = .65
Wide mouth = 1.05
Fruit pectin = 1.73
Pickle Crisp = 2.78

Thanks again! I would have missed out on this if you hadn't shared this information.


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gee.. my lowe's doesn't even carry canning supplies. In fact, here in the DC suburbs, I have to travel a long way to find canning supplies at a small feed store in another county ..and what they carry very limited. No pickle crisp -- thank goodness I called first.


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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I stopped by my Lowe's this morning (I never shop there so didn't know if they carried canning supplies).
Unfortunately, no canning stuff at all.


But congrats to everyone finding an awesome deal!
I love a bargain and love it when others find one too!


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Gee, I swear I posted on this thread earlier today. I was in Lowes earlier this week and didn't even think to look. I don't see canning supplies on their website (tried "canning" and "Ball" keywords).

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Got enough lids and pickle crisp for next year! Thanks for the tip!!!

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gardengineer(z5 Kansas City)

More from Kansas City:

I had never seen the display either, so I don't know where they regularly keep these during the summer. The stores I visited this week have the Ball clearance in Seasonal or on a clearance rack.

Pickle Crisp: $1.59
Reg lids/bands: $0.97
Wide mouth lids/bands: $1.33

I ended up buying 36 boxes of wide mouth lids this week :).

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I guess I'm going to have to call our Lowes. I've never seen Pickle Crisp anywhere!

Think Home Dpt might have it? I have to go that way later today or tomorrow.

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