new heuschkeliana

John.49(9)August 13, 2012

heuschkeliana variegata

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love it!!! so cute!

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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Your a lucky guy to have this! It's wonderful!,,,Debbie

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I had to back up from the keyboard while typing this message so I don't electrocute myself from dribbling all over it!!!!!

I've only been trying to get my hands on this little baby since it first hit Australian Ebay last year!!!!! The seller refuses to ship to the states though ,so i'll just keep wanting and waiting until it eventually,somehow someway makes it's way to my greedy little hands!!!!

John,congrats on the new acquisition,it's a beauty!!!


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Thanks David it is a cutie. I received 2 cuttings and I have another one coming rooted in a few weeks. Maybe when they grow we can do a trade. Love to share the rare ones.
Have a great day.

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That is a beautiful plant John. I wonder of this variegated variety is as good a grower as the standard green? Does anyone know if this is they yellow or the pink flowered form?


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Thanks Mike I hope it grows as well as the green I have. From what I know it is the pink flowered, time will tell. Will be excited to get the rooted one in a few weeks. Will keep you informed.

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Okay John,i'm gonna hold you to that!!!!!

Mike, I believe there is only the pink flowering form of the variegatd heuschkeliana so far. The Australian seller has it listed on Ebay all the time and the flowers are always pink.

I have a plant of H. flagelatta that produced a vine with some variegated leaves on it. I am watching it to see what happens!!!

I also have a large plant of H. kerrii albomarginata threw out not one but two vines with unusual leaves on them. This took place a few years back and I think I may have mentioned it before on this forum but don't remember. One of the two vines has a mix of solid yellow leaves and then some are green and yellow ( more yellow though) the second vine has nothing but solid yellow leaves. I have left these vines attached to the mother plant because I am scared if I remove them they may die. I know with hoyas like the carnosas if you get a white or pink vine they almost always die off. Neither of these vines has produced any flowers yet either but the rest of the plant blooms like crazy. Maybe i'll get up the nerve one day to at least take a cutting from the solid yellow vine and see if it'll root and continue to grow producing all yellow leaves.


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