H. lancelatas

brsucculents(9a)August 10, 2013

I'm just posting two pics of H. lancelata and H. lancelata bella. I have to think this forum for cultural info on these Himalayan species. I purchased cuttings of these in Nov./Dec thinking they would grow during the cooler months and hopefully get big enough to struggle through the hot and humid gulf coast Summer. The cuttings just sat there until the temps got into the high 80's and then they started to grow. And they have continued to grow through the Summer. Like someone on this forum from the Fla. panhandle said, they like to be sloppin wet. If they approach dryness they will loose leaves. It's strange that the Northern European literature says they should be kept dry. Anyway...

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Here's lancelata. The previous pic was bella.

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Very very nice! I think you might have been referring to me, although I no longer live in the panhandle. Yes wet in the hot months, but I do let mine dry out somewhat in the cooler months.

Once Bella settles in, it gets big pretty quick.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very pretty!! I love the blooms on bella...I've tried the variegated ones but they hate me,lol...I've only been able to grow the normal green ones.

Congrats and thanks for sharing!!

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Yes Renee, I think it was you. Congradulations on escaping the panhandle btw. I hope you're living in another Hoya friendly area.
Thanks Pug. I was smitten with pictures of big plants in full bloom. I now think it's possible I can have one of them in a few years.

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I like the description "sloppin wet." When I got mine, I was just starting out with Hoyas, so I put it in AV mix and watered it like a Gesneriad and boy did it do well. I never even knew its leaves could shrivel back in those days!

Then I learned a little more about Hoyas and moved it to a 'proper' Hoya mix and I've been struggling to keep it watered enough ever since. /eyeroll It's just one of those outlier Hoyas.

As Renee points out, you can let it get drier when the temperatures are cool, so that might explain the European recommendations. I also just suspect a little bit of copy-pasting must go on when they're filling out their webpages, because I live in a coolish climate (not as cool as I'd like...) and it's still not very drought tolerant.

Pretty pics - flowers look so different in outdoor light. Less sterile, somehow.

p's. There's an 'O' in lanceolata :)

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