Is there a trick to stop this type of feeder from dripping?

harlgr8dane(5b ON)May 11, 2008


My previous feeder is a Parasol - which I LOVE, but now I also have 3 beautiful round globe like glass hummer feeders with little bent like tube funnel-things at the end, but they pretty much seem to just drip after I hang them....

Is there some trick to keep them from dripping?


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davemidohio(5 OH)

It all depends on differential air pressure. As the liquid lowers in the body, a vacuum is created in the headspace, so those types of feeders have to seal completely in order to prevent constant dripping. They also may drip if they get warm, like when in direct sun, do to increase in volume and pressure inside the globe. I am guessing that the feeding tube goes through the stopper?? Make sure the fit for the tube is very snug and that the stopper seats firmly. After filling, when you turn it right side up, you should get a little bit of spillage, then it should stop.

You can also try filling the globe part with either less nectar (if you are currently filling it ocmpletely), or more, to find the point of equilibrium between gravity pulling the nectar out and air pressure keeping it in.

Hope that helps, but remember the most important thing isn't what the feeders look like to us. The most important thing is they have to be easy to clean.

HEY, we have the same birthday! '56 for me!!

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Dave provided an outstanding scientific answer above. The short answer is no. A better mousetrap is the answer here--the mousetrap in question being a feeder the hummers like, yet is easy to clean. Basin feeders work best for this in my opinion, although some gravity (bottle) feeders are OK too. I have only three feeders, but it only takes me a total 5 minutes to clean and change the nectar in all of them (all three are basin-style). I'm in my two-day change cycle now here in NC, and the hummers always know there will be fresh nectar for them when they stop by.

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davemidohio(5 OH)

First, I need to change " to ..." to "...due to...".

Second, I am all on board with mbuckmaster. I, too, only use the saucer type. I see a lot of pics of hummers using the other types, so I know they work and the hummers like them, but they just can't be as easy to clean.

All of mine happen to be Hummzingers. I found a bunch in a going-out-of-business sale, so I have two sets. One in use and a clean set ready to go every three days. I swap then out, on the fly, so to speak.

Here's a couple of pics of the Hummzingers in use.

Male at dusk:

Female leaving after getting her fill:

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I don't know how to get them to stop dripping. I have a really pretty one and it drips. I set it up over the birdbath, so I don't get sticky puddles full of bees and ants. Though, I don't really use it much, it is a pain to clean :) Christy

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harlgr8dane(5b ON)

Thank you!
I had not been filling them completely, I didn't know that you had to...when I cleaned the feeders tonight,
I filled it up and not a drop was leaking - thank you!

They seem to be easy to clean. So far. :)
Thanks again

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I agree with the above posts that the easiest to clean are the best. The fancy ones are usually more pleasing to us and cost a lot more, the hummers could care less what they look like. I dont have the basin types. The ones I have are easy to clean with bottle brushes. These types are easy to clean but may leak some when it gets hot.

You can see from the pic there was a third feeder but it leaks so its history, if it leaks when its cool its no good. It was the heartshaped artline.

this one doesnt leak either , I have since painted over the yellow to keep bees away.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I use those pretty glass ones as doecorations.


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