Hummers frightened away?

birdsrwonderfulMay 7, 2007

For the first time this year on Sat. morning I finally saw a hummingbird about 4 hours apart (same one or two different ones I don't know) approach my feeder which has been out many weeks. Both times it hovered for a few seconds and then both times a Starling and/or a Grackle flew onto the scene and the hummers left without ever landing. There have been no hummers since.

Are hummingbirds easily frightened away? Last year I had many small birds and Doves feeding in the same general area and they still came to drink.

I have moved the feeding stations for the bigger birds further away and had already decided to try and gradually get them to leave. They just moved in over the winter and I felt they needed to eat also. I do hate to take away the peanuts the Downies and Carolina Wrens love but I really want some Hummingbirds!!

Sorry this is so long But if anybody has any insight I would appreciate it. Will they come back?


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rita_h(PNW 8b)

The local Annas and migrant Rufous hummingbirds in my yard are fearless. We have lots of different birds in close proximity and the hummers don't seem to mind. I've seen them fly right by jays, grosbeaks, and finches to get to the potted plants and sugar water feeder on my outdoor deck. When I'm working outside on the potted plants, they scold me by hovering about a foot from my nose before moving on to the feeder. For such small birds, they make a big racket.

Keep your feeder clean, give them some time, and I'll bet they'll come back. Try hanging some fluttering red ribbons to help attract attention to the feeder.

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Dont feel bad a lot of people are having trouble getting hummers to come around. Ive had four visits since april 30 but they were just visitors and didnt hang around in fact the last 2 or 3 days I have seen none. We just have to be more patient and they will come eventually. As far as other birds bothering them, its not likely. They seem to be afraid of very little .

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Thank you both for the encouraging words. I was afraid I had created a situation the hummers did not like. I am still waiting but hopeful.

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