Wolf berries or goji

dclegg_gwNovember 3, 2013

I live in zone 9a, has anyone had success growing golfberries in this area? If so, where did you get the plants? Thanks

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To get seeds, go to an Asian grocery/market, look for a package of dried goji berries, most likely labeled "fructus lycii". Soak a couple of the dried berries in warm water for a hour or two to rehydrate. Once soft, slice open and remove the seeds. They sprout fairly easy. I've had luck with just about every way I tried; between damp paper towels in a zip lock baggie on a sunny window sill, jiffy pots on the same window sill, just in potting mix on the same window sill.
A 6 oz bag of dried berries will give you all the seeds you would need for about $3.50.
Somebody else will have to give the tips for keeping them going.


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when is the best time to grow? Thanks

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I bought mine online from the Botany Shop in Joplin, MO. They went a few years with little growth but this past summer they really started growing and flowered. They seem to like a higher PH soil and responded to wood ash and lime. I would plant them anytime this winter or early spring.

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I have two plants that I bought as 1 gallons from a blueberry/goji berry farm in Hudson. They have been in the ground about 7 months and are about 5 ft tall. They bloom profusely but only a couple of berries have actually set so far. Even without the berries, they sure bring the bees into the garden for pollination. A couple of weeks ago, there were probably 100-150 bees on the two plants at any one time. I counted at least 5 different species.

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Cuttings root very easily. (Sorry, derbyka...lol. And what stupendous dirt!)

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