still waiting

mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)May 10, 2014

No hummer sitings here yet :(
Feeders are up and i have a zillion other birds incl 3 male orioles but hummers are slow.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

They're out there, Mantor. They're so tiny and green they're invisible unless they're moving. All the pros said if the feeders are up they will come, so hope you'll get some soon.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Mantor, try watching your feeders in the hour before dusk. That's when you're most likely to catch them.

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shillanorth Z4 AB

I feel your pain!!!! It is snowing and blowing as I post this - there are sightings of rufous and calliope hummingbirds in East Glacier, Montana and Fernie, BC so I hope WHENEVER the weather morphs into real spring - they will come!!! The feeders are filled and ready for any brave little birds that care to stop by.

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Snowing in May?! Where in God's name do you live?

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shillanorth Z4 AB

Ha ha!! - southwestern Alberta - we get a lot of crazy weather here because we are so close to the mountains. Today is pretty nice, cool, but things are starting to happen - buds are breaking on the lilacs and just a hint of green on all of the trees. The calliope and rufous hummingbirds have been spotted in Mountain View, the extreme southwest corner of Alberta so I hope they continue on over here.

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Finally got a couple but they seem to have been 'passing thru'. Well at least I know they've come this far. I've had some every year so will just have to be patient til I get some 'stickers'.

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