Don't worry..Be Happy !!

gemini40May 19, 2010

That is what I am today because...yesterday I had my very first hummingbird at the feeder enjoying a nice long drink!!! So happy am I .

A few weeks back I posted they hadn't arrived here in Ma.

Couldn't tell if it was male or female but it was a tiny little green feathered hummer.


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Congratulations! I remember my first sighting, and I remember how awesome it was to finally see one. Welcome to the club ;)

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That is a very happy occasion indeed, congrats to you on having your first hummer. The simple fact that the arrival of this tiny little bird make you happy confirms that fact you are an official hummer enthusiast.

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Oh yes a hummer right on Steve!!


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Congratulations! Welcome to the hummer lovers clan.
That first sighting is so special!

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I'm still waiting on my first sighting, but it's encouraging to hear that others are now seeing them. I have a bunch of new plants in the garden this season for them. I also hung out three more feeders addition to the two that have already been out for several weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim's Garden

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