Finally!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!!

bshaw96May 3, 2008

After thinking my hummers may never show up, finally, I have one, or at least a fly by. We were leaving for dinner last night around 7 when I saw what I thought was a large bee, we have lots of those. But I looked in the tree, and it was a tiny hummer =) Then he pit stopped at one of my feeders and left. Waited awhile but never saw him come back. Hubby says he won't cuz I screamed and jumped up and down when I saw him =D. And I did, but I was sooooo happy to finally see one. I've been looking for 2 months and hearing everyone else's reports. I've missed my little guys. I actually almost cried when I realized at least one was back. Sad, huh? =D

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Thats funny.....I'm the same way!
I know my kids think I'm

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I am the same way too. My guys were 1 day later than last year, but 3 weeks later than the map showed. Was panicking and ran around like a looney person yelling when I saw one. My husband says no more looking at the map.

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It's nice to know there are others as "crazy" as I am! I, too, get teary eyed when my birds come home! Growing up, I always thought my mom was a little nuts for enjoying the little guys so I am way nuttier about them than she is. My grandma loves them too, so I guess I get it honestly. I really can spend hours watching them. Not like there is anything else that needs to be done!! :) I had my feeders up for a couple of weeks before they actually came. I do like the map since it lets me know when to get those feeders out!

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Norton, MA here, finally 2 male ruby throats have arrived. Saw 1 yesterday, May 6 around 4:30 pm and 2 today at 4pm

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