My knotted Hydro Kerri's first Blooms

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)August 2, 2012

Well, it's finally happened: this was the night before, the excitement was building, showed up best in silhouette.

This is especially exciting for me as it's the first Hoya bloom I've ever had from scratch (from a cutting I started 2 yrs. ago).

I've had other people's cuttings bloom for me, sometimes in a cup of water while waiting to root, or in a sealed baggie doing the same; but never from one I've grown myself & this one is hydro at that (by the seat of my pants experiments, little fertilizer too).

Pls. excuse how new I am at taking pix of blooms, lots to learn & these were at dusk since I couldn't contain my excitement 'til the next morning.

Notice how ratty looking these 2 irregular leaves are, then came the peduncles which appeared & then started budding up immediately.

This guy is so heavy, note the clips, twist ties, binder clips & rubber bands, all to keep this thing upright (I hope)

I'm pretty thrilled & it's got 2 more budding penduncles higher up that I could shoot.

I forget for the moment who recently shared her Kerrii's blooming schedule w/ me, but it's right on the money, thanks for that preview & everybody's encouragement!

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Congrats, Karen! Aren't they wonderful? I whacked my biggest kerrii back last year so it hasn't bloomed this year, though an older rooted cutting from it did bloom. I'm getting peduncles on my hairy kerrii and my veined clone, so maybe they'll be booming soon.

Nice thing is that kerrii's flowers last a long time, and quite often, new buds are coming on right behind the current blooms (see the photo). Enjoy them!

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Denise,

Yes, thanks, I AM pretty delighted. I remember you posting pix w/ these kinds of batches of blooms within blooms like that, I thought they were amazing then. Had forgotten it happened w/ Kerrii.

That is just the most astounding pic, gosh it takes my breath away!! Looks like it could be molecular biology, could be abstract art, w/ the faint structure behind it, it could even be other worldly architecture. All that dripping looking nectar, wow.

I have a a bit of a cold, but tonight I detected a faintly sweet smell when I came home & sniffed the blooms. Nice to know I'll have them to enjoy for a bit.

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Congratulations on the flowers, Pirate girl. I like the silhouette photo! And it is totally exciting that you've got a flowering plant from a cutting you started yourself! I'm sorry to hear you've got a cold, hopefully it will be gone soon so you can fully enjoy those sweet smelling flowers!

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Great growing, PG. Those pics are awesome!

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congrats!!!! im loving them, so beautiful!!!

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Congratulations! So cute. :) Well done!

One of these days I'm going to see someone duct-taping their kerrii in place...

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