Too much bird activity?

myoneandonly(z7VA)May 21, 2007

DH and I waited patiently for our hummingbirds to return. Last year we could barely keep the feeder full, and the hummers would buzz around when we came outside. In late April we had three different hummers. Last week we had no sightings, even though we've watched for hours. What is different this year is that we have many more gold finches, purples, song sparrows, titmice, and a very raucous female redwing who at least hourly comes to the balcony and shrieks her call, "on chweeeee". We call her Missy. We hear her call, and say sheee's baaaack! Old Missy. We know it is just one bird, because she has a bald head. Would all this additional bird activity that we didn't have last year keep the hummers away? This is a very small balcony, but we keep it clean, refill the feeder with the

4-1 ratio syrup, blow the seed hulls off each morning with a hair dryer, clean the railings with light soap and water. I am very sad that our hummers are not coming. Can anyone advise?

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NO NO NO!! The other birds have nothing to do with it and you are most definately not alone in this matter. Not too long ago I made a post about--what a strange year, having to do with this very subject. Many people feel as I do that the late freezes we had had a lot to do with whats happening now. You may notice some flowers that are later blooming this year than last. Do you have or have you seen any hummers at all? I and many others have had the same scenerio , some hummers hit and miss, some days you see some some days maybe not., its crazy I know. And I too know that last year I had constant feeders by now. This puzzles everyone who is experiencing this. YOu are not alone. It will just be latter this year than last.

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Steve, thank you for your quick reply. We have seen three this year, but none in the last 7-9 days. I'm not sure whether I feel better or worse about not being the only one to experience this. I will keep watching and hope to see more activity.

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I have two suet feeders, two Finch feeders, a regular
feeder full of Sunflower seeds for our Cardinal(Richeleau)
and three Hummingbird feeders all within 4 or less feet
apart. Our Hummers are everywhere.You can't sit outside on
the patio without seeing at least 6 or more Hummers. I
have never had so many Hummers. I quess it was the addition
of the two extra feeders this year.

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I too have had more hummers this year than ever. I have numerous busy bird feeders nearby, and the hummers don't seem bothered by the other birds. My hummers arrive like clockwork on March 20th every year. I was worried about them with the Easter cold snap, but they were fine. They did feed heavily then, though. I have 3 hummingbird feeders and numerous plants that they like. Good luck.

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kstmoore(z8 LA)

I'm in NW Louisiana and last year I had one hummingbird feeder. I added two this year and I have never seen this many hummers!

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Here in central Arkansas they are everywhere (or at least at our house) but we have lots of feeders. I know before we started boiling the water before making the mix we would barely see 4-5 a day. Now we see at least 18 - 20 during their late feeding. JD

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