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alyciaadamo(3/4)May 17, 2011

AWESOME!! I just got my Hummingbird yesterday!! I didn't know they came this early up here!! He flew up to me yesterday about a foot away from me looked at me for a few seconds and flew away! It was weird, I know this sounds really stupid but it was like he was showing me he was here so I would put out the feeder. So I did. I thought it weird because I have a very small backyard like 15' x 20' with a 6' fence on one side and our 2 story house on the other. It's not like I walked in HIS path. My mom was thinking he probably thought I was a giant flower because I had a red shirt on :). This morning while I was out looking in my garden he came to the feeder, but because I was there left he came back and left 5 times. When I left he came back and ate!! I am so excited, I don't know if there is a big population of hummers up here because I only saw the one last year but I sure am happy I got the one back!

doing the happy dance yay!!

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"They quickly become accustomed to human presence, and will swoop down to investigate red articles of clothing, possibly as potential food sources"

OK so it was a stupid statement, I guess my mom was right. But I am still happy to see him.

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I have two males fighting over the feeder so I put another one out. It's so cool everytime I go in my garden I see hummingbirds. I hope this becomes a regular thing.

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If you change the sugar water every three or four days he or she is likely to return. Where there is one hummingbird there are more. Do you also have flowers to attract them? Some salvias in bloom would make your yard more attractive.

Very happy for you. It's a joy to see them.

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If you will hang that red shirt on the fence , you will have more birds. I'm just as excited about my hummers as you and I have been feeding them for well over 20 years. You need red in the yard to attract the birds and you need more feeders (no red dye)to keep them, and for them to come back every year. My wife has been planting flowers at my current residence of about 3 years, but my previous 2 places had no flowers and I had tons of birds.

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