Flash hurt Hummers' Eyes?

ladyamityMay 8, 2007

I never have my camera with me at dusk but a little before dusk yesterday I noticed a little (about one inch long ) purple flower, bell-shaped, on a vine that I didn't plant. The vine must have piggybacked it's way in with some other plants I purchased about 2 months ago.

I ran and got my camera so that I could take a pic of the flower hoping I could post it here and someone would be able to identify it because two of my regular Hummers kept circling it.

To my surprise, a swarm, literally! of Hummers decided it was time to feed from the feeders.

Some of them were our regulars but lots of new ones too.

I started taking pics of them and I was so excited because it almost appeared as if some of them were posing for me so I clicked and clicked and clicked.

Husband came outside and asked if I was sure the flash from the camera wasn't blinding (temporarily) the Hummers.

I had never given it much thought but I know when I'm not expecting it and someone takes a pic with a flash, I have that little second of darkness.

So, all this to ask---

Could the flash from my camera do harm, or temporarily blind my night visitors?


Here's one of my visitors from last night.

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dont worry.. their eyes are more equipped with dealing with extra bright objects than ours. They are out in the sun all day staring at white flowers at very close range.. the flash shouldnt hurt them. :) Confused maybe, but no damage.

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That's a great picture!

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Thank you so very much for the great info about their eyes. I had been so worried I might have done some damage ever since my husband brought it up.
Confused, you say? LOL Then they'll fit right in with the rest of the fur and feathered babes in this family.
Again, Thank you!


Thank you so much!
I honestly didn't think I got anything in the picture but the feeder. My camera has a long delay and most times I get pics of visitorless (is that a word? ) feeders.
When I transferred from camera to computer, this shot was a very nice surprise.

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