got a little snap happy.......................

dmichael619(8a)August 27, 2010

with the camera this afternoon!!!!! A lot of things are blooming so I had to take some pictures!!!

acuta "Borneo" i'm pretty sure this is not an accurate ID for this hoya but it's how it came labeled to me so it'll stay as such until I can find out more about it.

Hoya benguetensis, one of my favorites. I love the burnt orange color of the corollas with that contrasting raspberry corona!!!!

This is H. bicknellii. I've been trying to get a half way decent pic of it now for about a month and finally got one that will work!!

this one's a little better!! This one has proven to be a bit tricky to photograph for me.

This is one of several clones of H. flavida that I grow. This one came from Asiatica Nursery. The others came from D.L> with IML #'s and collection data.This is the first time this hoya has bloomed.

Lacunosa "Ruby Sue" usually blooms with a bit more of a pinkish purple tint to the flowers but I have it growing in lower light than usual.

This is an unidentified species from David Liddle. It's sp. India IML 1598. It is currently being sold in the states as hoya griffithi. IT IS NOT HOYA GRIFFITHII. It looks absolutely nothing at all like hoya griffithii leaf wise flower wise or any other way, shape or form.There's one currently on Ebay if it hasn't already ended but i'm afraid who ever gets it will end up being disappointed in the end because they are not going to be getting what they think they're getting. The IML # for the TRUE hoya griffithii is 1856.

another awesome color combination apple green and brick red!!! H. cinnimomifolia

H. cv. Noelle.

Carnosa krinkle 8

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this link will show you what the REAL hoya griffithii looks like.

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try this one!!

Here is a link that might be useful: the real griffithii

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Very nice collection you have there - thank you so much for sharing! I love them all!

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Fabulous . . .but H. benguetensis is still my fave of all those! I love the contrast.


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Fantastic photos David, such a variety of species.
The Hoya benguetensis and cinnimomifolia are both so colourful, real show stoppers.
The Hoya bicknellii is a neat plant. I was able to get a cutting recently and was surprised by the size of the leaves. Has your plant been a good grower and bloomer?

I added a link to another great photo of Hoya griffithii.


Here is a link that might be useful: Swedish Hoya Society Hoya griffithii photos

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Carolyn and MIke, benguetensis is one of my favorites as well I especially like this photo from today because of the spider web in the background. Not sure what kind of spider it is and don't care to know as i'm TERRIFIED of them but the pic is cool!!
We have some sort of little spider here that comes out a night and weaves it's web in open areas to catch night flying insects. In the morning it destroys it's own web and retreats back to where ever it goes during the daytime,leaving partial webs all over the place and that's how this one came to be.

Mike thanks for posting that link to hoya griffithii. Everyone can actually see now what the real plant looks like. There's a couple of U.S. growers who are making big $$$ selling sp India IML 1598 as griffithii and at lest one doing so knowingly.

I have 2 small plants of the IML 1856 (true griffithii) and they have proven to be very slow growers. I also have the yellow/gold flowering clone from Botonova and it seems to grow just a bit faster than the white flowering one.I have 2 peduncles on the yellow one but so far no flowers!!

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Jan Sword

Great photos of so many pretty hoyas. I was going to order H. benguetensis before Asiatica went out of business but now I wish I had ordered it.

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