How much is a 'mass planting'?

petpalikali(WI-Z4)May 16, 2008

Hey all, it's me again with the small garden. My research keeps coming up with the phrase 'mass planting' best to attract Hummers. How many plants constitutes a 'mass planting'. My garden is only 3 feet deep along an L shaped picket fence about 35 feet long. There's not a whole lot of mass to begin with! Would 3 plants of one kind be enough of a 'mass planting'?

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If you have a lot of different plants that hummers like, they will still come to your garden, even if they're not massed. I have one plant of agastache on my deck table and the hummers come to it all day long.

The only plant I have "massed" for hummers is bee balm. 3'x3' is a mass in my small garden. The birds love it.

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Thanks Susan. I've got that much Bee Balm finally this year. Maybe that will help. And thanks for mentioning the Agastache. I just looked up info on that today! My big goal is to finally get those pesky little Hummers to come to my yard. I had them at a previous home, and miss them!

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