Broken Compacta vine. What to do with it now?

banannasAugust 21, 2011

Hi my hoya expert friends,

I was washing my hoya in the sink and somehow as careful as I am, I broke one of the vines off :( I want to plant it like it was an on purpose cutting. What should I do to get this cutting off to a good start? Remove some leaves to a particular point? Rooting hormones?

It kind of reminds me of a lizards tail. I know that the lizard will regenerate a tail but in this case I'm hoping the tail will regenerate the lizard!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Easy-peezy. Take a couple leaves off the end. Take a small pot, clay would be best for this one because it'll be top heavy. Put an inch or so of soil in the bottom and wet it good. Prop the cutting so it rests against the edge of the pot, sticking straight up with the cut end in the soil. Put the whole thing in a big gallon-size baggie, blow air in it and seal it up. Every few days, open it, let the old air out and blow fresh air in and seal it. After a couple weeks, you'll probably feel resistence when you tug (GENTLY) on it. At that point, you can take it out of the bag and set it in a shady spot so it can continue to root. After a few weeks, put it back in with the mother plant.

Denise in Omaha

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one more quick question. When I pull off some leaves should I make sure to have a certain amount of nodes planted under the soil? Or does that not matter?


Anne in Sandy Eggo

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You already have one node exposed there, and there will probably be a node in contact with the soil line, so that's more than enough already, but the more nodes, the more opportunity for roots to emerge. It's really up to you, but since you have a nice long vine there, I'd just clear off enough nodes to give it a good purchase in the soil. That will help with the top-heaviness, too.

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