My order will arrive soon!

aurorawa(8B)August 21, 2014

Ordered from SRQ:
DS-70 Purple
aff. waymaniae
The DS-70 purple will be potted in with my DS-70 and the waymaniae is "filler" for my existing sparse waymaniae.
I have never heard of anulata or halophilia and just loved the blooms!
And my friend is sending me cuttings of her lobbii and diptera. Only have a few more on my want list! This is such an addictive hobby!

Anyone have any experience growing anulata and halophilia?

I am familiar with all the other ones, but those two are new to me!

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Aurora...H. anulata is a popular likes to dry out between waterings. H. halophila is called "The salt-lover hoya", as it grows along streams near the ocean...which have salt in does not really "love salt", but it will tolerate the salt from sea breezes. It, too, must dry out between waterings...give both as much light as possible, but not full sunshine...a foot from a south window is ideal. Mine are grown under artificial light, and do well. H. anulata can be a strong grower, halophila remains quite small and is adorable. Both are great hoyas...anulata has several clones and it's worth collecting all of them. I hope this helps. Fondly, Patrick

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Thank you very much for the information, Patrick! I have anulata IML 1120 and if I succeed, I will get the others!

Right now, all of my hoyas (with the exception of my sensitive ones) are placed outside in my SW exposed, covered, screened porch. They get moved into the indoor plant corner in the winter, which has very minimal light, which we have been supplementing with T5's. Gonna go LED this year, though.

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I have two anulata clones, including the 1120. IML 1120 bloomed for me last summer for the first time even. These are ones that I grew under LEDs last winter. But I did experiment with the IML 0084 last winter, and left a mounted piece outside, it did fine.

I grow them bright, and allowing them to dry out well in between waterings as well.

I love the anulata leaves, they undergo color changes as they mature.

Good luck with them


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