Hoya Bella Took a Turn for the Worst

kaityinoregon(oregon)August 14, 2014


I'm hoping the smart people here on GardenWeb can help me! I have a Hoya Bella I have been growing from cuttings. It was doing great� growing huge, blooming� I re-potted it about 4 weeks ago because i needed to put it in a hanging pot it was getting so big. Now all of the sudden, the leaves are shriveling and turning yellow and falling off. It is still blooming and it seems like only the branches that are closes to the window are affected. We have have a few weeks here of 100 degree days which probably hasn't helped. I'm not sure if it is angry because i repotted it, it has been too hot, too sunny�.?? Any help would be much appreciated. I got these cuttings from my grams and she has had her plant for many decades so i want to be successful ;-) Should i put a curtain up? Move it away from the East Window it is in now? Take Cuttings and start again??

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Here is a close upâ¦.

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And another

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It doesn't look too bad at this point, so I'm not sure if it's got a serious problem with its roots or is just dropping some leaves in reaction to temporarily stress.

Did it start yellowing 4 weeks ago or just now? How long has this been going on?

I find bella is prone to dropping leaves if I don't water it soon enough, then perking up again. It drops leaves when you repot it or move it too. Unfortunately I also find it prone to root damage especially from drought and I seem to need to reroot mine once every 2 years. If I kept its watering schedule steady I wouldn't need to but there you go.

Since you said you rooted cuttings (plural) I would assume one or more of the cuttings in that pot might be damaged while the others are okay and that's why you're seeing this on one side not the other. At least that's what usually happens with mine. One start will weather the drought while the other needs to be rerooted.

As I said, I'm not 100% convinced this is serious from the way your plant currently looks but I think it warrants close observation until it either gets worse or clears up. It's a lot harder to root bella once it starts to dehydrate, so the moment you start seeing wrinkly leaves, go ahead and reroot that piece. I usually just cut off the bad roots and stick it right back in the pot, then just make sure I don't let the pot dry out too much for the next month.

If you don't see any dehydration signs I think things will turn around. I don't think you should move it from the window. An eastern exposure should be fine. It could be it's too hot or it could be the repotting that upset it, in which case that's just life, bella!

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And when I say wrinkly leaves I mean an atypical degree of curling and thinning, not just the slight dehydration wrinkles from you see if you're a couple days late with the watering can.

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GG, is right on the money. Hoya bella does not ever want to dry out, or you are going to have trouble. This plant also does not even need really good light to bloom well. I used to have trouble with this plant before I learned its secret - soil must be damp at all times. Use a self-watering pot if that helps you keep it watered, but keep it watered at all costs. Here is a photo of my bella from a week ago. I'm going to have to start her over, because it is now too big to come back in the house. Anyone who wants to come to Vermont to pick it up can have it for free!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow!! I think that's the prettiest Hoya bella I've ever seen :o)

Great job growing that one Doug...Amazing!!

Good luck with your nice bella Kaity...hoping its just a temporary set back...

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Thank you everyone! I think you are right. With it being so hot the past couple of weeks i have let it dry out more than i shouldâ¦.. poop. The weird/cool thing is those branches that have all their leaves falling off are still shooting out new healthy growths at the end! I really love this plant and how much it blooms. I guess worst case scenario i take some cuttings and fill in the bald spot on the one side.

Doug - I will aspire to grow my Bella to as big as yours! I love your website and refer to it all the time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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If it is shooting out new growth at the ends I think it's going to be okay. You'll just have some bare spots on the vine for awhile.

Doug that plant is so spectacular I am going to drive out to Vermont the moment this dang baby shower is over. But will I be able to fit it in a car or will I need a U-Haul? ;)

You certainly are an inspiration.

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Thanks Pug and Kaity! GG, the plant is about 24" x 24" if we are careful, we can put it on your back seat;)

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That is a gorgeous Hoya Doug!

Curious, do you trim it every so often?


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Wow, Doug! You obviously figured out the secret to growing bella. I've grown it in the past and not had great success, but I loved the beautiful pearly white flowers with that bright fuschia corona. In fact, I named one of my kitties Bella, since I can't seem to grow it! (Her sister is Pearl, for the pearly-white flowers!) You've inspired me - I might have to try it again with a self watering pot...

Denise in Omaha

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Renee, I have never trimmed the plant other than to take off an occasional cutting. Denise, I know you said that Bella has been a mealie magnet in the past, but you really should try it again as it is the easiest Hoya that I keep. Just keep it damp and don't fry it in the sun, and it will grow quickly.

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