Lost 2 hoyas

cyclonenatAugust 6, 2011

So far i have lost 2 hoyas maybe 3 this winter they were a big australis keysii and a pauciflora and maybe nicholsonia not to bad i suppose the last 2 were only cuttings with roots and a wee bit of new growth, ill be getting some new hoyas soon since i found a grower here.

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Welcome to the hoya club! I've lost so many cuttings that I paid good money for, but hey life goes on. Keep getting those cuttings/rooted hoyas and don't give up.

It's funny. I have a Hoya Schneii and Hoya Diptera that got scale, I gave up on them and put them outside in the shade in the north-side of my house. To let them die. I didn't care about them anymore but guess what? They survived, they thrived. The Scale went away so I brought them indoors - the H. Diptera just got done blooming and my H. Schneii is gonna bloom any day now.


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I think with a little trial and error you will soon find out how to keep your Hoyas happy during the winter months. It is hard to deal with cool temperatures and less light and many of us use fluorescent lights to keep our plants happy during the winter.
Did you find that the plants were staying wet for a long time?


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that could have been the problem the one time i did water them maybe? the pauciflora has died but not sure about nicholsonia yet hope it pulls through if not they were only $5 NZ. The room they are n has 3 walls of windows could that be a problem?

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No, I think your Hoyas would be happy as clams with a lot of winter light. Intense summer sun is a different thing, though when it's coming through glass, it's really not nearly as intense as outside light. In fact, I don't put any kind of shade cloth at all on my GH since it faces east and gets full sun in summer for about 6 hours a day and I really only have to protect the most thin-leaved species.

I imagine you're just getting the watering thing nailed down. Winter watering is tricky. I never let mine dry out completely, any time of year, but I let them get a bit drier in winter to avoid fungus. Nicholsonii is one that can take quite a bit of dryness, but I always feel it does better if you don't let it dry out too much. Are you a "feeler"? Do you poke the soil to see how it feels before you water? Some people are "schedule" waterers, like my mom - every Monday, she waters everything. It works for her and the things she grows, but there are lots of things she can't grow because they rot.

You'll have to show us your new Hoyas when you get them. Best of luck with the new ones!

Denise in Omaha

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i will post photos when i get them, when the frost stops here all my plants go outside for the summer but i have to move them if it rains for too long, cant wait till spring

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txmom(North Texas)

My last hoya bit the dust (so to speak).
I used to supply rooted cuts to dozens of friends and family but now I have nothing. Spider mites - never recovered.
Lost a total of 8 over 2 years...I miss them...

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