Anyone else have a lilac bush?

Irma_StPete(z9 FL)November 30, 2012

Apparently I have a lilac bush growing in a pot. With this cooler weather and my constant watering it suddenly seems healthy, full of leaves.
Had to search online to see what this woody plant with double side sandpaper leaves with ruffled edges is, decided it is a purple lilac as I am a sucker for vines or vine-like flowering plants. I probably bought it at the (mostly native?) nursery that sold out its stock 6 months ago.
Advice on line seems against survival of lilacs in zone 8-10. Not much info on GW except in a 2008 thread everyone agreed to "fergetit". Worse, my computer is dying and searching is excruciating (going to replace it soon).

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Hopefully, this site will inform you:

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern Lilacs

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Thanks for posting the info. abt. southern lilacs, that is something I guess not many of us are aware the ?? is, 'where do we get these beauties'??? Irma, do you remember where you got yours?? Thanks, sally

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Irma_StPete(z9 FL)

Sally, I think my lilac (won't be sure it is that until it blooms) came from a going-out-of-business sale just over the Sunshine Skyway, in Terra Ceia. [Even with map in hand, I always get lost trying to re-find that nursery location - so don't know if anyone has re-started the business.] The plant had no blooms at the time (early summer). It may not be what is shown on "Southern Lilacs" - I can't see the leaves there clearly. If the edges of mine were not so ruffled, I might have matched it to a sandpaper-leafed plant onlne that has white/yellow flowers and a strong bad odor. Hoping for lilac colored flowers, of course!

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I don't think you have an actual lilac bush because for one thing it's a bush and not a vine. Also, I've never seen one for sale or growing here. It may be possible to keep one alive (I don't know), but I doubt you could do it unintentionally.

Maybe you have a Queen's Wreath?

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I am inclined to think it is Queen's Wreath too. Lilac's won't grow here and they need 6 mon of cold winter to go dormant. Queen's Wreath is a vine with sandpaper like leaves and purple blooms. :o)

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The good news is that there are varieties that are bred especially for warmer climates.
The special hot-summer varieties bred by the Descanso Gardens people around 50 years ago should be able to grow here in Florida. The Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, California has a garden devoted solely to these hybrids. The hybrids 'Angel White,' 'Blue Skies,' 'Blue Boy', 'Dark Night', 'Chiffon', 'California Rose' or 'Lavender Lady' can handle the warmer climates of Southern California and I would guess also parts of Florida to zone 9. Most of these hybrid lilacs grow only about 6' - 12' tall as compared to the cooler-climate lilacs. When I lived in California near LA I would visit the gardens in the spring. I was very surprised when I moved to Florida from New Hampshire that nobody had heard of the warm-weather varieties of lilacs and all I ever hear is "Lilacs won't grow here".


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