The Plants from Joni (pics)

tigerdawn(7)August 12, 2011

I ordered 6 plants from Joni this year.

Hoya nicholsonii

H. meliflua ssp. fraterna

H. cv. Iris Marie

H. nummularoides

H. sp. Square Leaf

H. pauciflora

I took the pictures in my light box that I just made. It isn't perfect but I'm working on it.

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wow, you are soo lucky. I was going to order from her, but Im waiting to see how bad my paycheck is this week. Its killing my to wait. They all look so happy.

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Take the plunge if you can. I received some plants from Joni recently and they look great. I bought a H. sp square also. After all of the pictures that I saw on here I had to have one myself.
Tigerdawn would you let me know how the H. pauciflora works out for you? I have it on a wishlist right now and wanted to know how difficult it was. I have read some mixed reviews.

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great pictures, tigerdawn. You have a nice collection going. I love the picture of your light box. I'm still looking for a box to make one. Unfortunately I threw my printer box away a few days before I saw GGs post on how to make one. It would have made a great light box.

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I tried it with cardboard first but I felt it was too flimsy and too short. This is with foam board from work. I'm considering a wooden one after I work with this one enough to decide what dimensions are best.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

GREAT Hoyas Tigerdawn!! Enjoy your new plants, Very Nice light box you made.

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I am enjoying my new plants very much! My cat is enjoying the light box.

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I should be getting mine soon. I will try to post some pics. I ordered the sq. leaf one too. I have never had that one...not even heard of it until I returned to the forums this year. I also ordered some of the ones on sale, and some to replace ones I lost.

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Nice new plants especially that Hoya meliflua subsp fraterna.


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Frazzled - I bought an H. pauciflora from Joni, last year. There were times I thought for sure I would lose it, but then, over the winter . . .it grew, and GrEw and GREW! It's a pretty good size plant now, and throws vines out everywhere . . . in one year. I HIGHLY recommend this plant!


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wrynsmom, thanks so much for the advice. I was planning on getting a H. thomsonii next year, but it is too expensive for me so instead I was looking at the H.pauciflora. The flowers look amazing and the leaves are different.
Tigerdawn, pretty cat! She knows how to pose. My female does that too, too bad she is afraid of cameras.

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I have pauciflora. It is growing well for me this year. It even bloomed! One lonely flower, but I was thrilled. I have a pic but it is still on my camera chip. Must download those. It has been a fairly easy plant for me. I keep it in the shade as advised by the lady I got it from at "House of Cactus". She said they bloom better if kept in the shade rather than any sun. (it is outside though, so the "shade" still has very good light). I notice it does like to stay on the moist side rather than drying out too much.

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That nicholsonii is fantastic looking! I am so jealous!

Great job with the lightbox. I agree that cats find it endlessly fascinating, almost like they're jealous of all the attention it's getting. I have to hide mine out of Zeno's reach because he seems to think it's his personal fort.

I got the most gorgeous panchoi (IML 0249) from Joni recently and I swear I've never seen such a perfectly developed little plant. I'll have to take pictures and put them up here so I can get everyone else equally addicted to this cute little guy.

I agree with Carolyn and Mairzy that pauciflora is a winner. I find it very easy to grow in gentle light and cool conditions. It has a very graceful arching growth like a fern, which I like very much.

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To perfect your lightbox you need to add an "infinity cyc(or cyclorama)" inside. That will eliminate the hard lines in the background. I love you plants either way though :)


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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Got my order and everything looks good. Great packing job. I don't know how she got 13 hoyas into one box and nothing was damaged. Ha. I forgot how you post pictures here.

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Nice pictures!

I have a large H. Nummularoides plant. She has bloomed only once for me, in the winter - December I think. I loved the tiny blooms she made.


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Here are instructions.


I usually have to do a few small tweaks in a photo editing program to boost the exposure of my photographs and eliminate any small remaining corner shadows. Probably if I had ideal lighting I wouldn't have to deal with that, though. It really has to be strong! I usually set a plant light on top - it's the only thing that works for me. Idk how this guy makes it work with ordinary bulbs. He must be using finer cloth than me. I just keep tweaking my setup and telling myself that one day I'll get there... and then perfect plant photos 4-EVER!

^_~ So yeah, I'm cheering us both on, in other words.

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Wow Tigerdawn, I'm so jealous!!!!
Your plants are beautiful! I would like to order from Joni one of these days as I don't have any really exotic hoyas.Were they very expensive? And how creative of you to make your own lightbox. I have one (ordered online)that I use to photograph jewelry...never ocurred to me that I could use it to take pixs of my plants! Dah!
alba in Hawthorne

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This light box is a good example of how I see something I want, and then find things I already have to approximate the end result. I started out with a cardboard box and that worked pretty well except for two things: it wasn't tall enough, and it wasn't sturdy enough (I have cats). So I used some foam board scraps from work and stuck grey paper to it. I didn't like the pure white. But now I'm not sure I like the grey. Fortunately, I also brought home black paper. Working at a print shop has its advantages. One of them is giant parent size paper. The line in my photos is where two sheets of paper overlap because the box is so tall.

This is still in the testing phases. My final box will be wooden and I'll probably use cloth for the backdrop. I'm just discovering all the potential problems before I try something more permanent.

The lamp I have on top has a regular old light bulb. I think I want to switch it out with the CFL that is on the lamp to the side. Or maybe I'll just take the whole getup outside on a sunny day after it cools off enough. (After a short respite of 90F temps, we're back into the mid 100's every day again.) But anyway, I took the broadcloth out from in front of the lamps to get more light. There is much tweaking to be done!

Alba- most of the plants I got were on sale for $10. Cv. Iris Marie was $12. You can drop $30 on a rare species if you want but so far I'm sticking to the cheaper ones. I hope to acquire some of the more expensive hoyas by trade in the future. Don't get me wrong- I totally think they're worth the money, but I simply have too many things I need/want to do with limited funding. (Me and the rest of the world, right?!)

GG- perhaps we can trade light box experiences and come up with a super-duper awesome box. :-)

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Just want to say I love the pics!.. but want to ask if the light box is for setting up and taking photos or for growing plants in?

I also paid only $10 (August special) for my soon to arrive Lucanosa from Joni.. with the $10 flat mailing fee.. so it arrives 2-3 days after shipping!... That was a splurge for me.. so once in a while I'll have a plant with an absolute ID! Will have to rely on the forum here to help "closely" ID my newcomers.. limited funding as you say!

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How nice to have the resources of a print shop at your disposal. I ordered my big thick backdrop from Dick Blick and it cost an arm and a leg, but to be fair it also arrived in a slim box the dimensions of a door. That was a laugh!

I'll be interested to see how your cloth backdrop goes.

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I got my plants for Joni! Im sooo excited! pictures to come. P.S I love the car in the lightbox.

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here are my little pretties from Joni.
correction on the last post, I ment CAT not car. lol

Im so excited to have them!!! the last one has two flower peduncles YAYAYAYAYA!

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LOL You would have thought I'd be able to add 2+2 and figure out you meant cat, but oh no, I just vaguely wondered if I'd missed a picture of a car. It must have been late.

Great choices and congratulations! I really like both subquintuplinervis and camphorifolia. The latter particularly has a very graceful look to it and doesn't take up much room.

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