Hoya villosa

quinnfyre(z7 PA)August 1, 2011

In the thread about favorites for foliage, it appears I forgot villosa! So to make up for it, I started a thread all its own.

This is the giant leaf it grew for me after I moved it into a shadier spot. It was yellowing and dropping leaves where I had it before, so apparently this guy doesn't like super bright light. Since erythrostemma has gotten bigger and adores bright light, it all works out. I put a bee clip in the pic for reference. Originally it was just my hand, but you don't know how big or small my hand is, whereas you probably have a good idea how big a bee clip is. It also grew much smaller leaves in the brighter spot, and dropped most of its bigger leaves. The smaller leaves are cute, but I prefer these huge leaves, which really get to show off how sculptural they look.

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Bravo! Beautiful! and oddly I just moved mine to a brighter spot a few weeks ago and now it has a new 'nub' starting at the the top of the cut!

I love love love the leaves on this one too!

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Wow! It's very pretty- I love 'odd' leaves :) This one is on my want list, too!

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Very nice!


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I really have to figure out the secret to this plant because for me it's always 1 step forward, 1 step back. I love it, but I'm starting to get seriously annoyed. I just found a leaf yellowing on it again this morning. Enough is enough. Does anyone here have ZERO problems with their villosa, because I want to know what you're doing. I'm still convinced the issue is water related, because I had mine (and the equally problematic dasyantha) right against the glass in a hot bright eastern window at one point and it gave 0 problems the whole time. I think they like to be watered pretty regularly but dry super fast. This seems to be mitrata's deal, too.

Where did you get your plant, Quinn? Mine (Source: TG) looks a bit different, although I know from experience that they don't photograph very accurately and the leaves are quite variable... just curious!

I don't have a photo uploaded to Flickr, but I'll post one tonight.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Quinn, your Villosa is gorgeous!

GG, I have Villosa and I've been very lucky so far with this hoya. It has done well and has been problem free. I've had mine for just a little over 2 years. During fall and winter I placed mine under some palm trees and brought it inside only when the temps drop below 40 degrees...but I did bring it inside my FL room for the summer since we've been SO hot and humid lately. Its sitting next to a south window but doesn't get any direct light. I have it in a very gritty potting mix that drains well...I water it when its mostly dry...and drench it. I'm sure I've just been very lucky with mine, I received it as an unrooted cutting. I have several peduncles but it hasn't formed any buds so far :o( I'm not sure if this one blooms when the temps are cooler like fall or winter?

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Mine is from Joni. I've found that it likes to dry out some before getting watered again, and it is happier near a south window that is shaded by the crazy growing sp. Tanna Island. It gets a little spill off light from the terrarium nearby, but not much. It used to be closer to the window and lit overhead by a CFL, and it looked happy enough, but I lost all the big leaves it came with, and the vine just wouldn't unfurl further, and the little leaf nubs kept drying up. I just put it to the side temporarily until I could figure out a better place for it, and noticed it seemed happier. The leaf color is nicer, deep green throughout, rather than lighter green with yellow bits. I grow mine in coco husk chunks, a bit overpotted because it is heavy and I couldn't trellis it properly in a smaller pot.

This new leaf is very rectangular, but the next largest leaf further down is more of an oval shape, and it's hard to describe this, but less uniformly shaped? It doesn't seem as ridged, and is more concave toward the stem, then reverts to being more convex toward the tip. Or so it appears from here. I am looking at it from across the room.

Oh, btw, I forgot to say, but I am not one of those who had zero problems with this one. Though it hasn't really frustrated me. I have others who win that prize :)

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Hmmhmm. I think maybe mine will do better if I move it somewhere it gets more light and can hopefully dry out faster. It seems like the plants under the artificial light dry out much faster than those in the eastern exposure, so that might be the solution. Thanks a lot for the input you guys. I don't find this one to be the slowest grower, but it seems like it's like var. macrophylla and if you don't stay on top of watering it, it will drop new foliage pretty easily. Hence, when it loses a MATURE leaves too... ARGH! can't. make. progress.

I know what you're saying about this guy switching its swoop from concave to convex. Also, in my picture you can see that giant billowing mutant leaf that I am always complaining about. The other leaves are more representative of what this clone tends to produce.

Note, ALL of those leaves are leaves that it has produced since it's been with me, hence, it has lost 100% of the leaves it arrived with last spring. WTF!

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GG -- great picture. love the plant. It's now second on my list, after subcalva.
I know it's been asked before, but I don't think you ever answered. How do you photograph your pictures? I love the 'no background'. Do you use software to get rid of the background, or photograph in front of a white sheet?

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Thanks very much, Ima ^_^

I built a light tent, using the guide I've linked below. I really like it a lot, but I think I'll need to build another, bigger one, as I can't get my larger plants in the current model.

Here is a link that might be useful: Light Tent Guide

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GG thanks for the link. I should have asked a little sooner. I had the perfect box for it from my new all-in-one printer, but Friday was recycle day, and it went out with the trash. I'll have to go to either Sams' or BJs for another box. That is soo cool. I just have to make one.
I bookmarked the link so I can find it again. Old dogs can learn new tricks. LOL --- THANKS A BUNCH!!

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Great! Can't wait to see the results. If I may offer a word of advice on the box hunt...

The author recommends a square box and I ignored him and used a rectangular box because that's what boxes usually are, and I figured my plants are taller than they are wide. However, it's pretty easy to shoot plants that hit the height limit, but I could definitely use more horizontal negative space (It's because the sides don't have a curve built into them). So, listen to his advice and go square if you can.

Good luck!

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