Hostas in full sun - should I transplant?

spolkMay 5, 2011


I am busy fixing up the garden in the garden of the home I just moved into. I have noticed hosta shoots coming up in areas that are exposed to full sun from late morning until evening. I have no idea what variety they are, but it seems that most hostas prefer partial shade, so I am worried these plants won't do well in their current location. However, they seem to have survived regardless...should I transplant them?

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

If you see multiple shoots coming up I'd say it's reasonably happy with where it is. LEAVE IT. Figure out what variety it is and how it changes over the course of the summer. If you feel based on this year's experience that it might be happier with more shade than move it NEXT spring.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i agree ....

why are you 'fixing' something that apparently is NOT broken ...???

many of the fragrant ones.. can take a lot of sun .... especially up here in the great white north ...


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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

I agree. They may look ratty toward the end of the summer. But many varieties look ratty at that time, so a better location may not solve your problem.

A good thing to remember: Hostas are SHADE TOLERANT. And with adequate moisture and not too much hot hot sun (like in the southern US), the can handle a great deal of sun. I myself am going to plant a bed of hosta this spring that's going to be full sun, but I am also running drip irrigation to that area.

Once they're fully leafed out, take a pic of the whole plant and one of just a leaf or 2 and post it to us. Something helpful is to include something on a leaf for reference.... pens are usually good, but if it's smaller, use a quarter.

You'll get several people who will be happy to give an opinion of its identity.

Ok, forum friends, my money is on undulata mediovarigata.

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Thanks for your responses- I will definitely NOT transplant these hostas! I will post a picture when the leaves come out.

Thanks again,


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bernd ny zone5(5)

I agree with Melissa, these are probably common green and white hostas, perhaps albomarginatas. Driving through neighborhoods I noticed hosta pips pushing out of circular beds on front lawns, must also get a lot of sun. Perhaps those have a well irrigated lawn.

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many of my hostas are in a great deal of sun and they are fine; they are tough plants

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