Does anyone know???

shellys4811May 16, 2009

I have been feeding hummers here for over 10 years. I have always had plenty of them - enough to empty three large feeders in a couple of days! Suddenly, after seeing a couple during the end of April, I dont see them at all! I'm really sad, because I have always enjoyed sitting and watching them for hours and now - NONE!

Does anybody have a clue as to why I dont see them anymore? Or is anyone else having the same problem? I haven't changed anything that I've been doing in the past, so I just can't figure this out. Please help!



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I often have fewer hummers after a cold front and thunder storms in the spring. But in a few days, the activity at the feeders is back to normal. Haven't you had some bad weather there in KY lately?

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mastergardenerfrank(Zone6/New Jerse)

Have you had excessive heat lately? It does not take much for the nectar to spoil. If it does it is tough to get them to come back this season. Sometimes if you move the feeders to different locations you can get them back this year, the little buggers have great memory.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the answers!

Rob - As a matter of fact, we have had an abundance of bad weather back to back for several weeks! So your post makes perfect sense! And our temps have been much, much cooler than normal!

Frank - Actually, as said above, temps have been on the cool side lately. I am careful not to let my nectar spoil, but thanks for trying to help. I really do appreciate that!

Maybe after Mother Nature get things back to normal, my little friends will make an appearance.

Thank you again!

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Shelly please condisider that the hummingbirds are nesting and they have plenty of naural feed. Be patient with them.. Im am sure that when they are through with raising they families they will be back you you. Along with the litle ones.

This is the way it has been with me ever since I started watching the hummingbirds. They arrive then comes the time to breed and they are absent for several week. You will only see one from time to time.

I also have to contend with Japanese honeysuckle that blooms all up and down the road. But not the mimsoa trees are beginning to bloom. They just drip nectar.

You will see you little jewels again. But in their time now ours.

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Di, that's what I've found as well...the short absence of my resident hummers coincides with the Japanese honeysuckle bloom period. It's so prolific here in the south that it seems to me the hummers really don't need our feeders, even for an easy meal. But luckily it only blooms for a couple of weeks. Hopefully they're also nesting and eating lots of gnats!

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The past several days the hummingbirds have been showing back up at my feeders. I have noticed the nesting mark on the females.

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