mirro canner question

CindyLouWho(z4 VT)October 19, 2007

just bought a 22qt mirro pressure canner. tried to run the "test" to see the control jiggle. Steam was coming out of the vent like crazy (and through the control), but NO jiggling. This is my first attempt at using a pressure canner and I'm a bit scared of blowing-up! :-)

I wasn't actually canning food, just seeing how the canner works. So, did I not wait it out long enough? Is steam coming out the same as jiggling (there was so much steam, I expected it to whistle!)



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readinglady(z8 OR)

Well, isn't this sweet? It appears the Mirro people never bothered to update their manual. I love it when companies do that. That weight isn't supposed to jiggle, just hiss.

Also, once it's at pressure you can moderate the heat and it can hiss intermittently. Someone on rec.food.preserving was talking about the weight sticking if the temperature is too high.

Here's from the Wearever FAQ on the subject.

Why doesn't the pressure control on my cooker/canner "jiggle" as indicated in the Instruction Manual?

With the older models the pressure control did "jiggle" when the cooker/canner came up to pressure. With the newer models, the pressure control will make a "hissing" sound and emit a great deal of steam when it comes up to pressure.

P.S. It's not going to blow up. The pressure plug would release first.


Here is a link that might be useful: Wearever FAQ

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Even my pressure fryer hisses and then quiets down if I lower the heat a lot. Its usually at the proper pressure when its just jiggling ever so slightly and any more than that, the pressure will release in a steady stream, which is usually not recommended. For pressure frying chicken, that excessive pressure can cause extreme browning which is not a good thing for frying chicken. If I allow my pressure fryer to build up more pressure, the gasket will release pressure out of small holes around the seal area of the lid. I would still lower the heat while trying to get a jiggling of the weight.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

The new weighted canners don't rattle? How much help is that - that's how I do things in other parts of the house while I'm canning, by listening to the rattle so I know everything is going OK.

(Rachel, did you buy a new model and not an older version second hand? Hiss, no rattle, on the older types Mirro usually means stove or burner is not level)

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CindyLouWho(z4 VT)

brand new model.

so, it works fine when hissing and I can go ahead and can something?

thanks again,

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CindyLouWho(z4 VT)

oops, one more question...

when i screw the weight onto the valve, do I screw it so it actually drops off the threads or leave it on the threads (ie, not screw it all the way).

Hope that makes sense...

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Its screwed on fully, dropped down and remains loose. The threads are there so you can lift, and unscrew it to clean the openings afterwards.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Which kind of weight do you have?
I've got two Mirro's...old one has the disc shaped weight with 3 holes drilled into the sides for 5, 10 or 15 lbs. It just sits on top of the pressure valve.
It jiggles nicely (grin), but if I leave the heat cranked up on high it will go beyond jiggling to some other "thing". Not hiss, not jiggle, but...oh, I don't know, Scream? Closer to hissing but louder and faster. Heat's too high........

My new one (last year, brand new) has a 2-piece weight that has to be screwed on after selecting the appropriate "ring" for the weight you want. It sort of spins and hisses more than jiggles.

On the up side, like Carol said, it's not going to blow up.
They both allow the excess pressure to escape and the pressure plug would blow first.

I like the old one better (figures), but it's time for a new seal!!

Did you turn the heat down once the regulator started to move or did you leave it on high?

Maybe try it a few more times to get a feel for what it's supposed to sound like. I know my new one took some getting used to (I'm not good with change... smile).
Don't give up, it's worth the effort!!

Me too! Heck I can go out on the porch and hear the old thing jangling away!!


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I agree with Deanna - you need a few more dry runs to "fine tune" your ear and fingers. ;) Need to get used to what is the proper sound AND get used to reducing your heat to get that sound. Heat build-up and reduction needs to be a very gradual thing.

EX: on the other pressure canning thread we discuss how you must start reducing your heat BEFORE it reaches the required pounds # if you have a gauge canner. Same is true for your but it is the sounds you need to get familiar with.

Once you find that point and get attuned to the sound you'll be ready to go. Oh, and don't forget - at least 3 inches of water in the canner before you put the jars in regardless of what you manual says.

Good luck and enjoy! ;)


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Racheal, I bought a Mirro 22 qt. about 2 years ago and had the same trouble. Drove me crazy!

Take a good look at the pressure guage. If it is the "ball" kind, look underneath the ball. There may be a washer there. Once I removed the washer, it works beautifully. In fact, I have it going right now. It is rocking gently with steam coming out perfectly!

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I got the 22 qt mirro earlier this year. It will hiss and the gauge will slowly twirl. It took a little bit of getting used to, but the hissing is loud enough that I can leave the room and still hear it.

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afeisty1(St. Louis)

My new one was the same way. I am certain the pressure is higher than necessary as I am paranoid about it dropping too low and having to start all over again.

I too, miss the jiggling sound. I'm not particularly fond of the new ones. My daughter bought one and some part fell out of the weight; it looks like a washer but it's metal. We bang it back in with a hammer; I think she just needs to get a new weight but they are on the expensive side.

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Dave - What is the other Pressure Canning Thread? Where can I find it? Thanks - Jim

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

These are the other 2 threads on pressure canning that were running at the same time as this one:



The search pulls up over 400 discussions on pressure canning problems but the ones listed above are the ones I was referring to. ;)


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