Cuttings bonanza

greedygh0stAugust 20, 2010

So, I'm really sad that I couldn't find my camera in time to take pictures of these cuttings when they arrived because it looked like a HUGE coil of rope slid into a Priority Mail box. ...I'm telling myself that means I need to negotiate a future rope so I can get a proper picture.

Just thought I would share my new amazingly generous cuttings from the wonderful David, who is my new hoya hearthrob. (They make wall posters of those, right?) As you can see, they were so bountiful that for the first time ever, I chopped them up. I am also experimenting with the loop method Josh has been alluding to, so please chime in if I did it wrong!

Also forgive the dehydration issues. They arrived lovely and I should have photographed them the night I potted them up but I started at 11:30 and it took me a long time to uncoil the rope, so...

Oh, also excuse the weird stick props, which are a temporary strategy so I could give them a spell in the cutting aquariums.

Hoya globulosa

Hoya sp. Bogor

Thank you to mikedahms for turning me onto this one.

Hoya erythrostemma (IML 1188) this will be my 3rd erythrostemma

Hoya balansae

Hoya pachyclada

Hoya engleriana Vietnam (big leaf)

I also received cuttings of Hoya acuta (IML 0079), Hoya siamica, and Hoya subquintuplinervis from Joni, which I couldn't photograph because the light was getting too bad, but I did get the plants that came with them.

Hoya oreogena (IML 1513)

Hoya mitrata (IML 1575)

Thanks for looking. ^_^

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Well, it's obvious to me that David is a generous sort! Looks like you really got some great plants there. I've been growing mitrata for a couple years and it's quite an interesting Hoya - not your typical Hoya, let's say! And I'll have to look into that engleriana Vietnam (big leaf) - it looks very it!

Denise in Omaha

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GG, those are some AWESOME plants ya got there! Enjoy!


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Wow, amazing looking cuttings. Large seemingly ready to start taking over the world.

Am a bit confused, is David the poster from here or a vendor from whom you've bought this large haul? Just incredible, Enjoy!

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PG: Both are correct. The cuttings are from dmichael, poster/vendor.

lol Take over the world indeed. I'd love to see the mother plants in person. All this time I've been saying I want to retire somewhere in southeast Asia, but maybe I just need to move to SC... or back to NC.

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Ya know, that is a very healthy looking mitrata you got from Joni. I got one earlier, this season from elsewhere that was quite large, but didn't look nearly as good. It didn't last long. :(


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Joni has it in a VERY chunky mix with plenty of clay pellets. Of course you have me terrified I'm going to kill it and I'm fussing over it like a mother hen worrying that my anxious vibes are going to distress it and all the plants around it lol. ^_~

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STOP STRESSING! Go with the flow. :) It looks WAAAAAAY better than mine did. This one has had a good start. I'm sure it will be fine. :)


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BRAD! GG needs some of your Chamomile tea before she freaks out her BEAUTIFUL new Hoyas. LOL

GG I think the cutting coiling method that Josh was referring to was one where you allow multiple nodes to make contact with the potting mix so that you get roots from various points along the vine. Sometimes new growth will sprout from more than one node or there is the option to eventually cut the vines to encourage new growth from some of the nodes left above the soil.
Here is my Hoya ischnopsus cutting rooted this way. If you look at the pot you can see that half of the loop I made with the stem is buried under the potting mix towards the bottom side of the pot.


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Mike: That makes so much more sense! Boy, now I feel like a dummy, but I'm super glad I posted pictures! I've been pondering and pondering and pondering this strategy since Josh brought it up. I couldn't see how it made sense. So, I just figured I'd better take it head on and try to break the code or I'd go mad. Thanks for the help!

Denise: I thought it was cute that this plant was listed as "big leaf" despite the fact that the leaves are so tiny, but Ted Green has in the description of his engleriana that the leaves are sometimes as small as grains of rice. That slightly terrifies me, so I was happy to stumble on this one.

Carolyn: Thanks for the encouragement! :3 Since I didn't kill megalantha during its rooting, (ta-dah!) I can do anything, right? That's the theory I'm running with these topsy turvy days.

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