Please help!!! Cut hummingbird nest out of tree!!!!!!!

cjmason_2007May 27, 2007

I feel terrible!!! I was cutting back my ficas tree and I realized there was a hummngbird nest with 2 baby birds in it!!!! I tried to put the cut branch back in the same location on the tree but I feel awful!! I had no idea they were there. The mother is around and most definately buzzing my head as I am trying to make things right. I was very careful to NOT TOUCH THE NEST!!!!! What sould I do!! Please help.

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bluebirdbabe(z5 MI)

Can you duct tape the branch back the way it was before you cut it? That is the only thing I can think of...maybe someone else has a better idea. Last year I had a robins nest that was falling out of the tree and I used duct tape to keep it in place. Just make sure there isn't any sticky part of the tape near the nest where feathers can get stuck.

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cj, try putting a stake in the ground to support the branch after doing what bluebird suggested. That should make it a bit more stable - given that it's not too high up in the tree to make that practical. Good luck.

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Let us all know how things are working out. The above 2 ideas sound pretty good. The leaves on that breanch probably will fall off so maybe you can figure something out to screen the nest?

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tania(Zone10 Ca)

Oh my lord! Okay, if the duct tape doesn't work, use crafting wire, to tie the ends of the branches together! Don't worry about touching the nest, if you must, you must, just wash up good! They have tiny tiny bugs that are very hard to see. If you can, buy some fake ficus branches and tie them with the wire to shield the nest, giving it as much a natural look as possible!

Best of luck!
Tania ~_~

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

How's it going?

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jessie21(zone 5)

was the nest in the branch you removed, or did removing the branch leave a big gap of unprotected nest? a few years ago, i accidentally....had NO IDEA it was a nest of baby robins while pruning a large rododendron bush in my front yard. i feel for you because i was worried to death about those babies!! they were fully exposed near the top of the shrub and were total sitting ducks. i couldn't get branches to stick in securely enough to shelter the birds from hot sun and predators ...the branches just would not stay put. my neighbors thought i was goofy but i got a brainstorm and used an umbrella. it worked great. the long handle fit in nicely and the open umbrella (although silly looking) gave them the shelter they needed. i was careful to leave easy access for mom and it was very secure. they grew and eventually flew!!! can't remember how long i left it there, at least a couple of weeks. an added bonus was that it was so easy to keep track of their progress. mom seemed to appreciate my help, never minded me getting close to watch feedings, etc. please let us know if all is ok......

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Seems like we're all getting a little worried if all went well or not.

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novice60(8 ATL)

Please, please let us know what happened with the nest. I think the unbrella was a great idea.

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Don't be afraid to tell us, even if it is the worst case scenario. Really. Something like that is a learning tool we should all be aware of.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

Drill a hole in the tree trunk that matches the size of the stem with the hummer nest and push the cut stem into the hole.

If you have step-down drill bits, even better. With luck, the stem may even regrow. You'll want to clean the drill bits afterwards with mineral spirits or even acetone, but if you have them, you probably already know that.

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