Hi, my name is Kathy P & I'm an addict

ogoopogoMay 7, 2009

Put up my feeder on Tues & OMG!!..

1st one came for a visit @ 7AM & by dinnertime I was getting 4 of them..

They are now fighting over the feeder.. LOL

I've even gone as far as naming 1 of the hummers..

Tell me there are others like me out there..

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You are in good company for sure! Congrats on your visitors! Depending on how many more you'd like to have buzzing around, put up several more feeders. By late July, Aug. and Sept., I will have 12 feeders up and yes, it keeps me pretty busy! I think the more hummers we have, the more we want...sounds crazy, huh? It sure is a fun addiction!


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Hi Kathy,
Welcome!, but don't expect any 12-step programs here. In fact, we wallow in our addictions, and encourage others to join in!! What a pathetic bunch we are! And yes, more feeders will be necessary.

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LOL.. I thought so.. Glad to see I have good company..

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Kathy, it's a great thrill for all of us when we see our first hummers in the spring.
If you have seen four at one time, then I agree with Donna. You might want to put up a couple more feeders. More feeders will spread them out, so they don't fight so much.
Have fun with your hummers.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

As with any addiction you need MORE MORE MORE get more feeders up. I have 4. (so far) LOL

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Yeah Kathy-just about everyone here is an addict!!!!!
I agree with Lisa--get some more feeders up in different places in your yard. Put some distance between the feeders so the birds can't see each other.
By the time June gets here and the first crop of fledglings are out of the nest I have 6-7 feeders up!

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