Hoya Lacunosa Hours of Light?

jjblancheAugust 13, 2014

Hey all. I posted in the houseplant forum the other day looking for a fragrant plant for an area I have set up. Someone suggested lacunosa and after a bit of research it looks perfect for my space (i.e, something that doesn't get tall but sprawls out a bit and/or hangs). In this particular space there's very little natural light by design, so I've rigged up a 27 watt 6500K CFL which should support the plant nicely.

After poking around some sites I found the international hoya association which said 16 hours of light per day for blooming. Is this required? The light I'm using is quite a bit stronger than your average T8 grow fixture...but I'm not sure if it's strength/quantity of light that causes blooming, or the actual photoperiod. Something closer to 12 hours light per day would be about ideal but I can go longer and/or supplement with natural light when the CFL is off.

Also while I'm asking questions, is there a particular variety of lacunosa that's preferable? Where do you guys order them? I have a few well stocked nurseries and garden centers close by but am not holding my breath that they'll have any.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Also if anyone knows the approximate distance the hoya should be kept from the light I'd be greatly appreciative! Many thanks!

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You will be okay with your current setup. Hoya lacunosa is very easy to bloom. 6-12" above the plant is ideal, but I've had bulbs just a few inches above my lacunosas before, so really as long as you give them adequate clearance so they don't reach up into the bulb with their new vines, you'll be fine. They are a lot more light-intensity-tolerant than they look. I moved mine over to my western balcony doors and they love it there.

As for variety of lacunosa⦠now you are speaking to a topic close to my heart! If you get them from a BBS or a nursery you are going to get one of the following: (plain) lacunosa, lacunosa 'Snow Caps', lacunosa 'Ruby Sue', lacunosa 'Royal Flush.' Of those, 'Snow Caps' is my favorite, but it's really a matter of preference - they are all attractive.

Are those my favorite lacunosas, though? Nuuuuuuuu not even close. I really like the clones with teeeeeeeeny tiny leaves. They look so delicate in a window, like an ornate paper cutting. SRQ Hoyas has a good variety and two of my favorites are:

Hoya lacunosa 'Langkawi Island' Cutting (SRQ 3077)
Hoya lacunosa 'Thai Clone' Cutting (SRQ 3047)

Hoya lacunosa 'Tove' Cutting (SRQ 3026) is very attractive if you like large leaves and flowers (for lacunosa).

Now, this is a more impractical suggestion, but since you brought it up, Epiphytica has some wicked cool lacunosas.

(longest leaves)
(smallest leaves)

And then floating around from the Liddle collection there is also the very pretty

Hoya lacunosa Poonsak (IML 1648)

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Very excellent post,thanks for the info! Now I have some decisions to make...

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On the hours of light issue, mine are outside permanently and we never get 16 hours of daylight any time of year. The longest day is 13.5 hours and my lacunosa bloomed well and for a long period of the year. In my experience you'd get away with 12 hours easily.

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