How long before I see Hummingbirds

dbambiMay 18, 2013

I have 3 feeders out and have not seen a single hummingbird. How long should it take before I see some?

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might be a while it took me until end of june to see a hummingbird when i first tried attracting them. Add some flowers...they are a big help such as beebalm and coral honeysuckle. Also make sure your feeders are clean and the nectar is fresh...I clean and refill mine every 2 days.

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Keep watch because they might be there but they are very secretive when they arrive. Just keep looking and add plenty of flowers and red items. I saw some visiting my red windchime in the garden and all the flowers I have for them. Good luck :)

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Thank you to all that took the time to answer my question. Still waiting and hoping to see some soon. I love watching them.

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I have seen 2 so far, one at my feeder and one checking out berries left behing on my Holly tree. I think they are just being very secretive, also my loud kids might be keeping them away!

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